Royals Player of the Month: April/May

Michael Regan

Six matches in April, and one in May - some great performances mixed in with the bad, as draws with Leicester and Burnley, as well as wins against Middlesbrough, Doncaster and Charlton, offset woeful displays against Wigan and Bournemouth. Here are your nominees for Player Of The Month(s)...

In alphabetical order...

Garath McCleary

Average Rating: 7.5 (6 appearances)

MOTM awards: 3rd (Leicester H), 1st (Burnley H)

McCleary saved his two best performances for the television, as he scored a goal of the season contender in the final match at home to the Clarets - as well as looking Reading's most dangerous player. Missed one game due to injury, but the winger has been playing through the pain for a couple of months now. Could McCleary take his first, and this season's last, POTM vote?

Jordan Obita

Average Rating: 6.86 (7 appearances)

MOTM awards: 3rd (Bournemouth A), 2nd (Leicester H), 2nd (Wigan A), 1st (Middlesbrough H)

Player of the Season, and Player of the Month for March, Obita's rise to prominence couldn't have been seen by anyone this season. Again he performed admirably at left back, taking our MOTM vote in the Boro win and coming in the top three in three other matches. Will he take a quickfire double in these polls?

Alex Pearce

Average Rating: 7.14 (7 appearances)

MOTM awards: 3rd (Charlton A), 1st (Leicester H), 2nd (Middlesbrough H), 2nd (Doncaster A), 3rd (Burnley H)

Guess which player came in the top three most often for our Player of the Month votes? That's right... Alex Pearce. The Royals central defender had a cracking month in April, with the goal against the Foxes meaning he won that MOTM award, with a further four top-three finishes. He's finally shown the form which led the Royals to the best Championship defence in 2011/12... can he take the award to close the season?

Danny Williams

Average Rating: 7.25 (4 appearances)

MOTM awards: 1st (Charlton A), 1st (Wigan A), 3rd (Middlesbrough H)

If there's any indication of how key Danny is to the Reading cause, it's surely this month. Just four appearances, but was named Man Of The Match in two of them (the only player to win two votes in April), and took third against Boro as well. He might not have played as many matches as the other nominees, but is it enough for him to repeat February's success?

You've got a week to vote in the poll below - let us know who you think deserves to win Player Of The Month for April/May!

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