TOTW: Sonko joins the Twittersphere, and Reading fans are losing faith...

Tabb has been a stand-out player for the Royals this season - Scott Heavey

It's been a tough couple of fixtures for Reading, and things are looking bleak. Here are the 'best' of this weeks tweets.

Super Sonko provides Reading with some inspiration.

@Ibsonko: @ReadingFC trueinspiration mr coppel afterwelostatwigan04/05 . Madestayoutnwatchthecelebration n said "remember that felling"surewedid 05/06

Jem Karacan gets some #flamey boots.

@JemKaracan4: #Cerealquest #flames @ReadingFC #movember @seanmorrison_91 @boyhunt @gmccleary12 @Chrisgunter16

Sean Morrison has a fear of flying, but it's OK, his good mate Noel Hunt is on hand to comfort him.

@boyhunt: We've landed Tweeps all ok!! @seanmorrison_91 lost a stone on sweat!! It's all ok Morro #CeralQuest is still a goo!!!!

@seanmorrison_91: @boyhunt I'm kwl with flying! Jst when someones talking about you-tubing plane crashes! Doesn't help! #bell

We frown upon Wigan's programme quality.

@mikerzr: “@ReadingFC: Today's programme #readingfc” Show's @thomaslheureux's quality tbf

Whilst Craig Tanner is bang on form - just like the rest of the U21s.

@CraigTanner27: Beat blackburn 6-1, scored 3 and set up 2 others, good to get 90, great performance by the lads #readingfc #TopTheLeague #8WinsInARow

#cerealquest takes a turn for the worst... Or does it?

@MrCompo: Utter mong #readingfc fans singing about breakfast cereals. Another low!


@Neal_Hussey: EAT YOUR CEREALSSSS!!! @seanmorrison_91

@BucksRoyal: Only just noticed that Morrison's goal celebration was of him eating from a bowl #CerealQuest #ReadingFC

But this #cerealquest trophy is great.

@scotthawkins88: This should be your trophy at the end of #cerealquest @seanmorrison_91

Gunter and Gorkss will need thick skin if they're going to read tweets about them.

‏@simply_langers: Time for Cummings and Pearce/Mariappa for Gunter and Gorkss methinks. (Next week against Man United).

@jacksimpson1996: Dear Brian Mcdermott please play mariappa instead of Gorkss

@JonnyFordham: Where's the Gorkss of last year gone? #readingfc

@Buster_5265: @JonnyFordham would appear there was a reason QPR were happy to sell him to us when they went up....we should have got the hint...

@diddyc_: Not sure how much longer it'll take McD to see how bad Gorkss and Gunter are #readingfc

@JoeHindmarsh16: Gorrks and winning just don't go #readingfc


@strayjohno: Looking forward to Cummings starting over Gunter. He also happens to have my favorite chant: "Shaun Cummings / all over your face"

Ali Al Habsi has a brilliant moment of madness.

@TFootballFamily: Al Habsi oh dear!!! Haha!! Taxi!! #ReadingFC

@BrianDavisSFG: LOL! what a Goal!!!! #whoops!!

@willow1871: OI OI... Saverrrrloy

The post-Wigan reaction was... negative, to say the least.

@SirDodgerRoyal: As SDR said 1 swallow doesn't make a Summer. Wht we have is a winter of discontent as McDermott foolish tactics haunt him. Joke. #readingfc

@TheTilehurstEnd: Championship team, championship performance and right now a manager stuck in the Championship mentality I'm afraid.

@moaningmaskell: LOL @ #readingfc absolutely rancid and thoroughly deserved defeat

Fortuntely, Guthrie is back in training.

@dannyguthrie20: Delighted to be back training this morning! Frustrating 4 weeks

Reading are pretty poor at passing, as we all know, and this stat backs that up.

@EPLStatman: Reading have the worst passing accuracy in the Premier League this season (68%) #readingfc

The Aston Villa game was no better than Wigan. Here's the best of the reaction.

@J_P_Stevenson: We've got to keep faith in Brain he will get us through this, he's done a lot for the club and letting him go now would be unfair #readingfc

@blickbuster: I still come back 2 the fact that Wigan lost 8 games in a row last year and still stayed up. It's not over 'til Lisa Riley sings #readingfc

@PickReading: Feel sorry for McDermott. Important to remember he's not only inexperienced in the PL, but inexperienced as a manager. #readingfc

‏@SirDodgerRoyal: Sack McDonut and bring in Robbie. Then RFC could be Champions League Winners. #readingfc

@drsimoncurtis: @TheTilehurstEnd I woz there: better shape, back 4 better, lads tried hard but lack quality & creativity. Need pog & Guthrie back

@TheTilehurstEnd: @Royaltypoints @jonhyde1871 West Brom sacked Di Matteo months after he got them promoted. Seemed madness at the time but look at them now

@jonnafon: "If nothing else works, a total pig-headed unwillingness to look facts in the face will see us through." #Blackadder #ReadingFC

Let's end on a high note.

@RKD52: Reading FC tweets remind me of the band that played on whist the Titanic was sinking!

... Get it?

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