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Reading Football Fancast Episode 87

West & Williams have just released the latest Reading Football Fancast, with details below!

Pumped for the Prem? Reading Football Fancast 87

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It’s a tongue in cheek Champions League intro from the boys this week, as Reading extend their unbeaten run against Preston and Nottingham Forest in two very different games! Where Robson proves he can-do and Church answers our prayers.

We look back at all the action and turn our attentions to the league table, as suddenly second place doesn’t look out of the question. We also discuss the refereeing in both matches, as some soft penalties are given and some more blatant ones missed by shoddy officialdom.

Latest News

Get-Reading reporter Jonny Fordham gives his take on both games and gives us his thoughts on Scunthorpe away. Plus we've got comments on Jay Tabb, Shane Long and what Jonny believes is in store for the Royals over the coming weeks!

Pub Chat

It’s a what if question for the fans this week. If Shane Long was sold for around £4 million, how would you like to see the money spent?


We round off with Any Other Business!  Where we get your views and post including an unusual email from a Moroccan sticker, Yes sticker!

All this and more on this weeks Reading Football Fancast!!!!!!!!!!!

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