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Take On The Tilehurst End

April 14, 2011

Up to now we've had a silent but important contributor to this site, Webmaster Steve Wood. Steve's helped with the design and layout of the site but we felt it was time he get more involved with you guys and girls so he's putting his reputation and pride on the line in a new feature we're calling - Take On The Tilehurst End.

Click below to find out more.....


In our newest feature, you will be able to take on the Tilehurst End at EA Sports Fifa 11.

Each week challengers will get a chance to pit their footballing skills against the self-proclaimed king of FIFA Steven Wood. Each week he will be playing as the upcoming opponents of Reading FC and you will have to play as The Royals and try to defeat him. So this week he'll be playing as Leicester.

If you think you have what it takes then challenge him to a game and each week we'll post an update of how Steve's getting on.

Platform – Xbox360

Game Time – (week nights around 6 to 10pm)

Gamertag – Woodrott

To challenge leave your name and time you would like to play and we will set up a match. Good luck!

Please I encourage all of our readers to take this guy on, he really does need to be knocked from his perch and shown that he is in fact, terrible at FIFA 11.

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