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Twitter Review: Reading 3-1 Leicester

Reading's fascinating form... after the 3-1 result against Leicester at the Mad Stad yesterday. That's 8 wins on the trot now... 8!

Below you'll find some tweets from Loyal Royals, before, during and after the game.

@TheonlyBird: Huge game today, URZ!

@TommieTankk: Be loud be proud back the boys and make some noise UUURRRRZZZZZ! Haha

@MP1871: What a great job Bruce and Glen have done with the pitch at Reading , it looks perfect !

@StevenWoodgate: Long's hard work and persistence creates an opening for Kebe to finish easily. 1 up.

@StevenWoodgate: Jobi twists and turns and finds the bottom corner. 2 up after 21 minutes. Fairytale stuff.

@lethaby: 2 best fucking wingers in the league!

@mattGmaynard: Who said Shane long was just a goalscorer

@Matt_Bone:  Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy. Jobi, dink outside. Boom! 2-O. C'mon u friggin' Rzzz! Get in!

@ajhalls1: If Reading can keep up this pressure for the rest of the game, we could get a hatful. I'm going for 6-0

@Mark_1871: Get the fuck in..!! Long way to go yet..Don't get complacent Reading!

@ChrisBeale1988: Did not just shout YESS really loudly in the office when Reading scored.

@JonnyFordham: Khiz and Mills have made some great blocks to keep Reading 2-0 ahead here. City have bags of talent going forwards

@Matt_Hayle: As it stands Reading r above Swansea in 4th in da table

@Readingfanman: An unconvincing 2-0 lead to Reading at half time, but they don't look as if they have really got out of 2nd gear!

@Wellies491: Who cares about Man u v Man city do you not know Reading v Leicester are playing and the mighty royals are dicking them

@Brownie1871: Thanks east stand row R for sharing their free pizza around

@iglooant: Kebe you are driving me nuts!

@urzzz1871: If Kebe could finish he'd have scored 4 by now. So determined to make up for last miss he didn't pass after superb break.

@bowcockftw: looks like yakubu could do with going on the atkins diet.

@markharding1988: Another great win for The Royals. Can someone tell me the last time we won 8 straight games in the league?

@MissHarrietRose: Today was awesome! Linesman falling over twiceXD Whatta goal from Hunt! URRRZZZZ!