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Royal Links - What's In a Name?

What's In a Name? - The Royals Rendezvous

Cracking little bit of wordplay from David over at the Royals Rendezvous which he's kindly let us post below.

Check out plenty more thoughts and opinions over at the Rendezvous including match previews, match threads, and plenty of Reading related banter.

What’s in a Surname?!

I’m a long-time fan, but not a Senior citizen. To tell you the truth, as a youngster I couldn’t wait longer than Friday; and gee, was my Arm strong then! Lived for the moment, couldn’t imagine Death. Well, just a Little if I’m honest.

What was the routine? Well, we were locals from Henley, not far flung from the Murray Firth. So I’d just buy a Bacon sandwich down atMorrison’s, plus a Lit-a bit of beer, and go to the ground with my girl. She had already Fed-e-rici (fed her Ritchie - the dog!) – not theGoat – er, what d’ya all think?! Sat down by the touch-line we heard “Good Evans, where’s the Kit son?” and we knew it was almost kick-off! Always my girl and me dressed scruffily, never a visit to the Taylor – and hardly fit for a photo on Royals Rendezvous’s Webb! ABentley was simply out of the question for a Butler.

To be honest, I used to argue the t*ss a lot in games “Aren’t you a Gunnar, son?” they’d say. “You’re a Dixon” (d*ck son), I’d reply! They insisted “what, so swearing, don’t you go to Church then?” “No, up yours, not even to Chappell” I’d retort. “Ah, sorry, you don’t support theRobinson (Robins, son) then?” “Ah, p*ss you, at least I can Reid – Kanu (can you)?

But my Faeth was there, even when we weren’t out of the Woods or in the middle of a Barron spell. Or with the Baxter (backs to) the wall. Cos there were always those who could make a Pearce-ing shot on the Curle of a ball; you know, really Pegg one. And a Man setfree on the wing. Always a Gamble at Reading, but we Gage it right! I knew it, we were never out of the Hunt for greatness. But, ah, in the old days we’d need a Quinn-tuple chance to put just one away – almost a Millstone around our neck. One day it’ll come I said – a secondCummings - fit for the Halls of fame at a Madejski Price. And it did, something to Convey to our grandchildren. It’s a Proudlove from inside, not need to Cook it up to others.