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A Few Bits of Site News

Site News, April 27

Hello All,

We're four weeks old tomorrow and we wanted to thank all of you who have come and visited the site, subscribed, left a comment of recommended us to your friends, it's been great to see so many Loyal Royals get behind us and we hope to get bigger and even better as time goes by!

Below we've got a few details and updates of what's going on here at The Tilehurst End.

As you may have noticed there's been a few little tweaks to the front page in the last couple of days. Down the right hand side you're now able to see some of the latest comments on various articles, and sort our pieces by author. There's also a running scoreboard for our Take on the Tilehurst End challenge! so you can see how Webmaster Steve is getting on in his quest for FIFA 11 domination.

We've also set up a Flickr account for the site where we'll be uploading pictures we've taken over the past few weeks. We're also very happy to take user submissions so if there's any photo's you'd like shared then please email us at or sent us a tweet @thetilehurstend. We're particularly keen to get any of your photos you may have taken of the Tilehurst End itself over the years, but any photo at all would be very much appreciated!

The flickr address is

Stay tuned for a few other tweaks and additions as the weeks go by and if you do have any suggestions feel free to drop us a line via email. Also if you fancy contributing as a writer here please get in touch, the more the merrier!

You can also leave us comments in our threads over at Hob Nob Anyone or at the Royals Rendezvous, or via our Facebook Page.