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Play-Off Final Tickets - How was it for you?

At The Tilehurst End we're interested in getting a much better idea of how the process of buying Play-Off final tickets was for everyone - both good and bad! We know some people experienced problems, but we want to get a better idea of just how widespread this was. We're already in contact with Reading FC, the Football League, Ticketzone and Wembley, and we'd like to be able to tell them - objectively - how it all went for everyone (good and bad) rather than give them a list of problems. So we've put together a quick survey to help us with this.

Please take a minute to fill this survey in - whatever your experience, good or bad - and we'll make sure that the results of this gets put under the noses of all the relevant decision-makers are the organisations concerned.

To complete this survey, Click Here.

The full survey link is here if you can forward it to anyone else who you know bought tickets :