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View From The Town End - Swansea City

May 26, 2011

Each week we get the views from a fan of the team playing the Royals and with the big game just four days away, Swansea fan Shaun Thomas has given us his views.

How would you rate your season so far?

This year has been superb for the Jack Army!  We have kept our footballing philosophy under Rodgers and added some real talent to the squad with the likes of Sinclair and Borini.

The season has probably exceeded every Swansea fan's expectations!

Brendan Rodgers wasn't very successful in his time at Reading but how is he viewed by Swansea fans?

We have had different managers in the last three seasons and Rodgers was a bit of an unknown quantity when he arrived.  He has abandoned the negative tactics we saw under Paulo Sousa and tries to play free-flowing attacking football whenever possible.  His man-management skills are first class and Swansea fans have really taken to him.

Some Royals fans have had problems buying their tickets for the final, how was the selling process for Swans fans?

It was probably the same for us!  Those fans who were unable to get their tickets online or over the phone faced queues stretching right around the stadium and a 8/9 hour wait.  We heard stories of fans taking a tent and slab of beers to the ticket office and camping out all that's commitment!

Who should Reading fans be worried about from the Swansea team?

It's hard to pinpoint just one player due to the way we play.  I believe every player in our forward line and midfield is a threat but with 24 goals this season, Scott Sinclair is a real danger.

Who are Swansea fans most worried about from Reading?

We know all about Robson-Kanu and Church because of their Welsh connections.  We will also have to be wary of Shane Long, Jimmy Kebe as well as Ian Harte free-kicks.

If Swansea get promoted how do you think you'll approach next season?

Our footballing philosophy wont change but we will need more steel to our defence and add more quality in all areas for sure.

We're not really thinking about the Premiership as we haven't won anything yet.  We know Reading will pose a huge threat and will be treated with respect.

It has all the makings of a great game!

Predictions for the final?

3-1 to Swansea AET  (here's hoping)

Thanks again to Shaun and we'll have a full match preview tomorrow here on The Tilehurst End