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Wear A Scarf To Wembley For The Royals

Westie from West & Williams and the Reading Football Fancast has come up with the following campaign to help back the boys at Wembley and at the Tilehurst End we're more than happy to back it!

A friend of mine came up with a great idea today to back the Reading boys at Wembley!

We at the Reading Football Fancast have named it Wear A Scarf For The Royals!

Imagine turning Wembley into a Celtic/ Liverpool style Kop!! Imagine the massive boost this will give the Reading players as they see 40,000 people with their hands aloft and a blue and white scarf displayed proudly between every Reading Fans hands!

So back the Reading Football Fancast Campaign


Wear A Scarf For The Royals!

Come on You Royals

Tell everyone you know and lets make this a final to remember!!!