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Royal Links - Texaco Fan Central, Showing The Lighter Side Of The Game

After a tough weekend the temptation is to be in a bit of a funk about football but I thought now would be a good time to give this a quick bit of promotion to give a few laughs.

Championship sponsors Texaco are running a campaign called ‘Fan Central’, hosted by John Fendley (Fenners) which includes interviews with Championship players and managers. The interviews tend to be about the lighter side of football as you’ll see Fenners asks about away trip insights, music tastes, car choice as well as posing questions from fans.

They've already done a couple of pieces with Noel Hunt and Jem Karacan and those are well worth a watch as Hunty reveals who's the best at poker and which defender is 'banterless' on the bus.

The Reading interviews include Jem Karacan teaching Fenners how to do the ‘Dougie’ dance and Noel Hunt talking about stealing pillows form hotels. The videos can be viewed here or at

The videos are a good chance to see players answering some slightly more left field questions than usual and they’ll be running competitions and posting fresh contact throughout the remainder of the season so stay tuned to the Facebook page for more information.