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Tilehurst End Competition Result

Good Afternoon!

A couple of weeks ago we launched our competition to win a scarf with Savile Rogue to give you the chance to win one of the world’s finest cashmere football scarves in Reading colours.

We asked you the question.....

What do these Reading players have in common?

Shane Long, Lee Nogan, Matt Mills, Nicky Forster, Stuart Lovell, Jamie Cureton, Jimmy Quinn, Ady Williams, Martin Butler & Jobi McAnuff

The Answer was that they've all scored in Play-Off Matches for Reading.

The winning entrant drawn out was from Royals fan James Menhenitt, so keep an eye out in your email inbox.

Thanks to everyone who entered and Savile Rogue have kindly offered to pass on discount codes to those that took part, which will be heading your way email wise soon!

A big thanks again to Savile Rogue who you can follow on Twitter and on Facebook