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Royals Post - Episode 9 - Featuring Wimb From The Tilehurst End Plus Details Of A Special Christmas Taping

As the title gives away I was fortunate enough to be invited along by Westie and Jonny to fill in for a honeymooning Paul Williams on this week's Royals Post Podcast and you can check out our combined ramblings here.

On the show we cover the fallout to Kebe pulling his socks up, look ahead to Leeds on Saturday and also reveal our Reading FC Christmas XI's.

On top of all that there's the big news that next week's show will be recorded at the spiritual drinking home of all Reading Fans the Spread Eagle. The guys are keen for as many Reading fans to join them as possible to share their thoughts on the season so far and the season ahead so if you've got some spare time on Monday head down there and join us from 6.30pm.

I'll be there as well and if you want to share any thoughts on the site please feel free to pop down and direct your abuse and criticism to me in person.

(In case people don't know where the pub is details are here)

Thanks again to the guys for inviting me along and a reminder that the show is now available to subscribe to in iTunes here

You can contact the show directly via twitter @RoyalsPost