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2012/13 Report Cards

A look back on how each position performed during our 2012/13 Premier League campaign

2012/13 Report Cards: Forwards

So we've looked through the positions from back to front and with the 'keepers getting an overall B-, the defenders a C and the midfield a C-, will the strikers continue or buck the downward trend?

2012/13 Report Cards: Midfielders

So we've looked back at the goalkeepers' and the defenders' performances from the campaign. Today it's the turn of the midfield who as a unit had an underwhelming 12 months.

2012/13 Report Cards: Defenders

So after reviewing the goalkeepers last week it's time to take a look at the men designed to protect them, the defence. A settled back four was one of the biggest problems this year and we look at the nine men who played in defence for Reading.

2012/13 Report Cards: Goalkeepers

Over the next few weels we'll look back at each player from the 2012/13 season and review how they performed over the course of the season. Today we'll start with the goalkeepers, where three players all started Premier League games.