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View From The Town End - Crystal Palace (H)

Two games to go in the Championship and the title is still there from the taking. Crystal Palace look to play the part of spoilers tomorrow and Stephen Bridle from The Five Year Plan Fanzine has been kind enough to share his thoughts ahead of Saturday's game at the Madejski.

How would you sum up your season?

It's been a bit of a mixed season for us really. We started off fairly strong and hung around the play-offs for a large chunk of the first half of the season, then started to really drift off around Christmas time.

That's not to say we haven't had our highs this season. There was the cup run, and that spectacular win 2-1 at Old Trafford which we'll be talking about for a while. Not to mention being the first team to beat our bitter rivals Brighton at their new stadium in the league, which they'll never be able to live down and we'll never shut up about.

So really, if I had to sum up the season in a word or two it'd be: "Anti climax".

You have flirted with the play-offs a couple of times this year, do you think the cup run helped or hindered your chances?

A lot of people will say that it hindered our progress in the league, but I wouldn't necessarily agree with that. We used squad players for a lot of the cup games, even against United, so while it may've taken some focus off of the league I feel we had enough fresh legs to cope with the strain.

When all's said and done when a cup run gives you moments like the win against Man U I keep slipping in, and in particular Darren Ambrose's goal at said game, it's really difficult to complain about.

Any early thoughts as to how you'll fare next season?

I think we'll continue to build on the progress we've made this season and hopefully be in and around the play-off places when it comes time to make a push. We still need to build in certain areas of the squad - the centre of midfield, a centre back and someone to replace Nathaniel Clyne who seems certain to be off in the summer.

If we can do that then I'm confident we'll have a much more exciting time then we have so far this year.

The automatic promotion and relegation issues all seem to be sorted, unless you're expecting any last minute surprises who do you think will make it through the play-offs?

I think West Ham and Cardiff are probably the best bets, though I wouldn't wish that much success on either of them. If I had to choose I'd send Blackpool up - I quite like how contrary Ian Holloway can be and I'd love for him to get a bit more press coverage again.

Who would Steve Coppell go back to first, Reading or Palace? ;)

Absolute no-brainer. It has to be Palace, doesn't it? There's an unbelievable amount of love for him at Selhurst Park and he'll always be more than welcome here.

He presided over us during one of the most successful periods in the club's history and I think a lot of the feelings of respect and admiration between Coppell and the fans are mutual - though you'd be able to offer him a bit more money plus the chance to work for a club in the Premiership, but we'll ignore that for now.

Who should Reading fans be looking out for to ruin the party atmosphere on Saturday?

There's no-one that's on form at the moment. We've been treated to a very meagre amount of goals this year, though we have scored more away than at home, but there's no one outstanding to speak of in the squad at the moment in terms of superior form.

There are a few players who always do well - Speroni and Clyne. And there a a few players capable of moments of magic, but haven't really been providing it of late, in Ambrose, Sean Scannell and Zaha. Though if I'm being brutally honest I'll expect your party to go off without a hitch.

Anyone Palace are wary off?

McAnuff again. I mentioned last time we spoke about old players scoring against us, and he took quite a bit of stick from some of the Palace crowd when visiting Selhurst so I'll be expecting the hunger to be there.

Score prediction?

If I'm being optimistic, and I was earlier, I'd say 1-1. I think Dougie will probably show you quite a bit of respect and it might be a defensive, cagey affair from us - if we cant nick the goal you'll probably take it 1-0.

Enjoy the Prem!

Thanks again to Stephen and you can follow the FYP  on twitter via @fypfanzine we've also answered some questions for their site and you can find them here