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View From The Town End - Liverpool

View From The Town End returns with Noel Chomyn from fellow SB Nation blog The Liverpool Offside giving his views on Saturday's game.

How have you viewed Liverpool's season so far?

Through a drunken, miserable haze mostly, with a few moments of foolish hope and a few more of blinding anger thrown in for a bit of variety. Though when you get right down to it that all may have very little to do with Liverpool's season.

Reading fans know all about Brendan Rodgers from his ill-fated 6 months here in 2009. What have Liverpool fans made of him to date?

Mostly we like his approach to football. We like pass and move; he likes pass and move. We like a high pressure game without the ball; he likes a high pressure game without the ball. We like defenders with a touch of technical flair and think Stewart Downing's about as useful on matchday as a claw hammer; he... well, you get the picture. Mostly, too, following a disappointing end to the transfer window where he didn't receive the backing he had been promised by the owners, not many are expecting him to perform miracles straight away.

What are your best memories of Liverpool v Reading?

Probably the times Liverpool won. Which, given the two sides have faced off just eight times, doesn't leave an awful lot to choose from beyond the obvious-which in this case would be Fernando Torres' hattrick and advancement in the League Cup back in 2007.

And the worst?

With so few choices to pick from, again it would have to be the obvious and 2009-10's replay defeat that sent Liverpool out of the FA Cup.

Anyone in particular we should be worried about on Saturday?

Outside of the obvious names, the big one to watch for is probably Suso. He's gotten less press in the English media than fellow academy graduate Raheem Sterling, and with Sterling tailing off a bit in recent weeks as defenders begin to figure out how to stop his Plan A it's Suso on the other side who could cause a lot of damage in attack.

Anyone Liverpool fans are concerned about?

Other than the referee letting Reading's defenders use claw hammers to stop Luis Suarez? Or that Steven Gerrard will turn the ball over and not track back, leading to a Reading goal? Probably that Alex McCarthy will have the game of his life and that the one time we beat him we'll hit the woodwork.

Score prediction?

The historical record says Liverpool take it 2.125 to 1.625, but as that seems unlikely let's leave it at one team will score some or no goals while the other team will score some or no goals.

Thanks again to Noel and you can follow the guys from The Liverpool Offside on twitter @LFCOffside