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TOTW: Hunt doesn't have leopracy, Reading need to get back to winning ways and more...

Tweets of the Week is a new feature of TheTilehurstEnd and each Wednesday will bring you the best Royals related tweets from the previous week. This week, we have panic about the teams form, Hunt's 'sicknote' label and more...

Ben Hoskins

Welcome to the one, the only, Tweets of the Week. This week the tweets are in a bit of a mishmash and don't particularly follow any sort of order, but we're hoping that once we've planned this properly we can do this in a nice, controlled environment.

Anyway, below are some of the best tweets from the past week (or few days...)

@WilliamOwain: So the great @BillOddie knows about our chant and wants it heard on MOTD: … (watch from 46:00)#readingfc

@thomaslheureux: A preview of the #readingfc programme for this weekend's match against #fulhamfc can be seen here:

@RoyalHoops: Take #readingfc back to basics, back to the team that had the rhythm and the consistency last year and slowly integrate the new players in

@1DarrenLawrence: Some impressive performances tonight for #readingfc Pearce has to be in the 11 and very impressed by @JordanObita and Samuel#youngguns

@AaronTshibola8: Finally a win, we worked hard tonight deserved the win I thought great to see my boy @DominicSamuel9 scoring goals again #Readingfc

@austin_j_powers: We're #ReadingFC We're bottom of the league!

@MrCompo: Bottom of the league this time surely, don't deserve to be any higher at the moment #readingfc

@Jammy1871: Get back to a 4-4-2 and use the wingers. @dannyguthrie20 is creative - use that, don't waste it with long balls. #readingfc@ReadingFC

@TomBlueSquare: Wow, #motd really doesn't make us look great... We did have a couple of corners honest #readingfc

@HollyRFC: I think that @ReadingFC should make figurines of the players! I want a @boyhunt one! #funfunfun

@boyhunt: Someone called me sick note today haha iv been injured for 5 games in just over 2 years!! I think People think I have leprosy #plagued

@JordanObita: Why do fans enter the field in a match!? All there doing is giving there club a bad name! That fan should get arrested for that!#shocking

@seanmorrison_91: 2nd time u park in my space this is what you get!! You BELL!! All the best getting out of there! Egg

@JonnyFordham: Sickening abuse aimed at @JasonRoberts30 from some absolute low-lifes

@JasonRoberts30: I can confirm that I have not been involved in any talks over a separate Black Players Union. I will share my views very soon!

@DouglasFPBlack: Wonder what Fergie will say about Rio not wearing a 'Kick it Out' t-shirt after he slagged off Jason Roberts yesterday #doublestandards

(My personal favourite...)

@WaleLuvzGirl: glad dat lfc playin RFC at home imagine if itz away?I mean dere name iz reading so dere stadium mst b a library n we cant sing n dance dere

Did we miss any? Have any of these got your debating juices flowing? Leave a comment and get involved.