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It's good to be an exile

The clocks went back Sunday which means all you lucky people in the UK got an extra hour in bed but for us Exiles living in Far-East it means we have to stay up a bit later to catch a game.

Luckily the Premiership offers early kick-offs on Sunday so it’s not a big deal to catch the early afternoon action. The later 4pm game is on at midnight here, so is a bit tough staying up for that. Last night I watched the Everton v Liverpool cracker, but Chelsea v Man U was just a bit too late. With an early flight in the morning I crashed, hoping to catch the highlights at the airport tomorrow.

So at the airport this morning I checked in and headed to the lounge and to my pleasant surprise ESPN wasn’t showing action from Stamford Bridge but instead showing full action from Saturday’s game at the Mad Stad. No Torres, Mata or Van Persie but the blue hoops of Reading and goals from Robson-Kanu, McCleary and Berbatov. I joined the action at 1-2 down and witnessed the last ten crazy minutes. What was clear to see on TV, with a few minutes to go, was the energy of the Reading Fans urging the team on, especially once we went 2-3 down. Then at 3-3 our fans were still going for it, urging the boys forward.

Just as Everton were buoyed by their support to come back against Liverpool yesterday, there's no doubt our fans played a massive part in helping our boys get a point against Fulham. There's no substitute for being at a game but when we are on TV overseas it’s good to see our stadium and fans looking like a Premiership outfit.

So while reading reports of coin throwing by fans at Stamford Bridge it was good to see some of the positive side of football at the Madejski. On behalf of just a small Exile community I’d like to thank our fans who played a massive part against Fulham, the world is watching Reading FC now and you made a lonely Royal feel proud.