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TOTW: #cerealquest, Andrey Arshavin and more...

After two weeks (oops), Tweets of the Week returns with a bang! This week, we have #cerealquest, game reaction and transfer speculation making the rounds.

Arshavin could be on his way to the Mad Stad.
Arshavin could be on his way to the Mad Stad.
Laurence Griffiths

Start with a joke.

@FootballFunnys: BREAKING: If you spot a Reading FC fan walking a dog, tell them to ring 0800 4-0 5-5 5-7 for advice on how to hold onto a lead.

McDermott, despite all the calls for his head, is sticking around.

@NabilHassan79: #readingfc Nice touch of Zingarevich to take McDermott out for a beer after Arsenal loss and reassure him about his job

Well, we didn't beat QPR, but ALF did get an undeserved yellow.

@RoyalRambler: Can’t believe that’s a yellow. ALFie jumps straight back up and doesn’t appeal at all.

@SamJessettRFC: Feel if that was taarabt getting fouled in box instead of alf it would have been a penalty due to reaction and qpr being at home

Still without a win, this tweeter puts it eloquently.

@EastStandNapz: Getting this first win is as difficult as pushing custard up a hill :( #readingfc

Whilst this fella reckons Reading fans are fickle. No, surely not?

@BucksRoyal: As soon as we get that first win of the season, a big chunk of the McDermott out squad'll get right behind us, just you wait and see

Meanwhile, former Royal Shane Long impressed for West Brom.

@Luke_Massey: Hearing WBA chant 'there's only one Shane Long' is like seeing your ex out with someone else!! #readingfc #ShaneLongIsARoyal

@TomLightRFC: Shane Long still doing us massive favours, even if he is at another club. Good lad! #readingfc

@hearn161: Come home please Shane

Here's an interesting stat for you, statisticians:

@oilysailor: Most penalties in English league since Aug 2009: Reading 35, Crystal Palace 29, Man Utd 28, Chelsea 28, Southampton 27.

This Alex Pearce business is all a bit too much for most of us.

@JonnyFordham: Unless Pearce signs a new deal with Royals soon, he might be off in January at this rate #readingfc
@B3rt1e: @JonnyFordham Brian should still play his best XI no matter what the situation off the pitch is, unless it's effecting his form! #readingfc
@Fridays_Legacy: Brian isn't helping himself at all with his team selections. I like BM but I don't feel he can keep us up. A win today is a must. #readingfc
@ScottSandover: Before we lost our best players for financial reasons.. Now we're going to lose them because of stupidity..
‏@marksugar: Pearce not even on the bench - LOL #readingfc Shambles

We were all so sure that first win would come against Norwich, until this stat came up.

@GoalUK: STAT ATTACK II: #readingfc seek their first league win since beating Nottingham Forest on April 17. #NCFC want their fourth victory in five.

At the Norwich game, there's more to be embarrassed about than a 0-0 draw.

@SteveG1871: The Star big bad wolf banner is the most embarrassing thing I have ever seen #readingfc

Whilst remembrance is impeccably observed:

@BroadcastMoose: Minutes silence as those lost in conflict are remembered at Reading

Feds looks flashy in Pink.

@ReadingFC: Loving Federici's pink goalie shirt by the way! They'll all be auctioned off for charity btw #readingfc

And Chris Gunter has not impressed one fan.

@TFootballFamily: Right: Who is the worst player in the Premier League? For me: Chris Gunter. No positional sense, can't pass, can't cross, can't defend.

Exciting news, everyone, Football Focus is coming to the 'Ding!

@mrdanwalker: By the way, next Focus on the road will be at Reading on the 29th December #MerryChristmas


@seanmorrison_91: Decided i'm going to go through every cereal EVER made & give an in depth analysis & ratings on each 1,quest 2 find the greatest cereal!
@mould2k: @seanmorrison_91 Are you the right man for this task? What are your cereal-based qualifications? #cerealquest

And finally, the transfer speculation everyone is talking about... ANDREY ARSHAVIN!

@JonnyFordham: The Pog tells Arshavin to come and join him at #readingfc #afc #Arsenal
@charles_watts: @JonnyFordham Serioulsy?? He's the last player Reading need. Would be a truly dreadful signing. Complete luxury.
@Neal_Hussey: @JonnyFordham we would be silly to turn away a player of champions league quality. Specially when the players we have are mid champ quality
@PRG94: @JonnyFordham Arguably inconsistent, but on his day would be the most technically gifted player in our squad
‏@mould2k: @JonnyFordham If we're looking at out of favour Arsenal players, Ramsey would be a better target. AW not a fan and needs support/guidance
@JonnyFordham: @PaulTowner @Neal_Hussey A six-month loan? Play with your mate and Russian owner who you know - easy isn't it?
‏@JonnyFordham: As expected - #readingfc fans split on Arshavin - McDermott revived the careers of Griffin/ Harte - this one slightly different, mind
@mikewadeESPN: @JonnyFordham Arshavin more similar to Guthrie than Griffin/Harte isn't he?

Ta-daa. What do you think?