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TOTW: #cerealquest trends, Bill Oddie, and more...

Tweets of the Week. Sean Morrison kicks off his #cerealquest, Reading beat Everton and more...

Morrison is a popular figure for TOTW.
Morrison is a popular figure for TOTW.
Scott Heavey

We're back! Have you missed us? Tweets of the Week has a new favourite this week, as starlet Sean Morrison gets stuck into Twitter and Bill Oddie gets his beard out for us.

Let #cerealquest begin! Ding ding ding! Round One: Weetabix.

@seanmorrison_91: Haven't decided the 1st cereal yet! ... After training ill decide #Cerealquest ... I was put on earth for serious things such as this!

@seanmorrison_91: Andddd we are off! #Ceralquest weetabix. Plain. Semi skimmed milk.

@seanmorrison_91: Off the bat. Absorb milk like a hobnob! Amazing! Great texture with the few dry bits left on the BIX. Wheat flavour not overpowering ...

@seanmorrison_91: Good solid cereal! Good start! Tomorrow with a spoon of sugar ... Classic cereal which would go very well with a cup of tea! #Cerealquest

@seanmorrison_91: Did #Cerealquest trend? I'm unsure of this!? If soooo pfff godspeed! Thankyou!

Proved to be a popular thing, this.

@Footballparky: @seanmorrison_91 worldwide.... #CerealQuest

@seanmorrison_91: "@charlieaustin23: @seanmorrison_91 blocking my news feed up buddy #CerealQuest" oi charles! #Ceralquest is vital for the world

@Rackers10: My home page is full of tweets about @seanmorrison_91 #CerealQuest #hilarious #itsallaboutKrave

@ni_coca_cola: Anyone that thinks footballers don't contribute anything worthwhile to society clearly aren't following @seanmorrison_91 's #Cerealquest

Reading Fan Mikey Clarke has some ITK info.

@mikey_clarke94: was also told anton is desperate to improve our home atmosphere #readingfc

Pre-Everton, one fan was a bit... Controversial, we'll say.

@hearn161: Great news that Kebe is out for saturday. McCleary and HRK both better than him!

Crisis? Huh?

@marktheakston1: We've lost 1 more game than Man U and let in 2 goals more #whatcrisis #readingfcAnd we find out McDermott tried to sign him!

Everton went down to the Royals, and the man with the beard we want all over our bodies chimed in with the celebrations.

@BillOddie: At last! Reading have lift off! Now for the title and the Cup.My beard is tingling with excitement. Congrats.

Record Mad Stad crowds for a massive result. URZ!

@JonnyFordham: RECORD crowd here today - 24,184 (2,182 away) #readingfc

Whilst Mirror Football gave Alfie a new nickname.

@MirrorFootball: Housekeeping: #Readingfc's equaliser against Everton was scored by THE FONZ. Happy Days for him

Sean Morrison is a TOTW favourite this week.

@seanmorrison_91: Ooooo and to the reading fans who chanted the song ... He'll (cough,cough) where he wants! ... I love you endlessly! Had a chuckle to myself

And Parody Pavel, as I like to call him, was a bit confused by Fellaini's hair.

@scrabblepavel: The Evertons are strange team. They have many small men and one giant man that's looks like microphone. Is he human?

And we find out McDermott tried to sign him!

@alibendertv: As for McDermott at #readingfc today, great quote about scouting Fellaini when he was 17 but too expensive even then, cost about £7mn!

Super Sonko has Twitter! The world is a better place, even more so after the victory.

@Ibsonko: @ReadingFC nice to see u back on the winning way boys ... I was getting worried , now u can build on it ... My heart is with u .Comeonroyals

Jason Roberts throws in his two cents.

@JasonRoberts30: Soooooooo happy for the stuck with us today...I hope you are as proud as I am...we beat a very good team today #WeWinGames

Tabby, the man everyone loves. For this one reason.

@EPLStatman: Jay Tabb covered 7.23 miles against Everton yesterday - further than any other player in yesterdays games #readingfc

We're all very glad we have a GOOD Russian Owner.

@JonnyFordham: I think #readingfc fans are breathing a sigh of relief this morning that their Russian owner clearly is nothing like Abramovich

@Royaltypoints: So far AZ has shown he is a completely different type of owner to Roman at #cfc. Backing his manager gives #readingfc the stability we need

PHEW! Pearce *is* loved.

@ReadingFC: A special view of the Everton win with 'From the Dugout' now on Reading FC Player #readingfc

Mikkel Andersen comes back home.

@MikkelAndersen1: Back in #ReadingFC from tomorrow morning after my loan at Portsmouth. Looking forward to my first training back and new challenges!

But the incredibly named Gozie Ugwu is heading back to Yeovil.

@Gozie_Ugwu9: Yh back tomorrow RT@yeovilpostie: @Gozie_Ugwu9 are you back at Yeovil now"

And Steven Gerrard admirer Lawson D'Ath will be heading out too.

‏@lawsondath92: If all goes well this week, will be back at Cheltenham as of Monday #wooooo

So. There you go. You can breathe again after that excitement.