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View From The Town End: Manchester United

When we first started The Tilehurst End, View From The Town End was a great way to get to know other teams as truth be told it was tough to keep track of who were the stars and up and coming players from Donny, Barnsley or the Posh. Nowadays and it feels a little bit odd to be asking a Manchester United fan who we should be worried about..... Sod it we've still done it anyway and here's the answers from Rob Maxwell who wrote for the Red Devils Blog and will shortly be launching

Laurence Griffiths

How have you viewed United's season so far?

Happy in some way, a little disappointed another. The whole falling behind in games is getting a little tiresome now, but for whatever reason the team usually kicks into gear after it. Even though we lost the second half performance against Spurs was the best I've seen at Old Trafford for years. But in reality, I can't complain, we're top of the league as we approach the derby and we've had some good wins at Newcastle, Liverpool and Chelsea.

Sir Alex looks as if he's building another good young team, how do United fans view this team with the likes of Cleverley, Jones and Welbeck compared to other youngsters and teams that he's built?

I think the majority of us are very excited. The three players you mentioned are maturing into very good players, and in the case of Jones he's a little younger than the other two but coming on very well. Cleverley really needs to stay fit and get a consistent run of games, Danny, well he just needs to improve his finishing and if he could add another 7-10 goals a season from somewhere he'd be special.
There are others though, Rafael has been outstanding this season, Chris Smalling is very good and I'm excited about Nick Powell, there are others in the U21' who are progressing nicely too.

How have you viewed Reading's season to date?

I imagine for you it's been very frustrating. I've watched games where it looks like you are playing very well and then it all caves in on top of you. I thought you played very well against Everton a couple of weeks back and from what I watched against Villa wasn't too bad either. I mentioned in your preview before the season started that I didn't think you'd be relegated and I stand by that. There are easily three teams in this league worse than you.

Any fond memories of playing against Reading?

The first time I ever went to the Madejski was a cup replay in 2007, I think we were 3 up quite early in the game but you boys rallied back and we ended up clinging on to a narrow 3-2 victory. Plus I thought the ground was fantastic too.

Any not so fond ones?

The following year at Old Trafford. It finished 0-0 and you man-marked all of our star players and were fantastically disciplined on the day. Rooney broke his foot and we ended up with John O'Shea up front.

We know all about Van Persie, Rooney etc, but who should we be worried about that we might not think about at first?

He might be one of the obvious pick to you guys but since he wasn't mentioned in the question I'll say Hernandez. His best performances have been from the bench and he's been nicking some crucial goals for us. I'd expect him to be on the bench tomorrow so if it's a tight game he may be able to win the game for us late on. Another player, which may surprise people is Anderson, He's done very well when he's been involved this season. When he's on song he gives us something none of our midfielders have and that's the ability to run with the ball from midfield. I'm personally hoping he starts tomorrow.

(If you'll hold the laughter...) Is there anyone in the Reading team you might be worried about?

If he plays, Jason Roberts. As good as Rio and Evans have been for us in the last 12 months, I feel they do struggle when they come up against big forwards, I'd be more comfortable if Vidic would be available. So definitely Roberts.

Score prediction?

I think it will be close, so I'm going 2-1 United.

Where do you see both teams finishing?

We will finish in the top two, I have no doubts in my mind about that, I'm still a little concerned that City haven't lost yet but I'm sure they will before Christmas. If you pushed me for an answer though, I say we win it by 2-3 points.
As for Reading, like I mentioned earlier and in pre-season I just don't think you'll be relegated, I think you have enough goals in you, and I predict a final position of 16th.

Thanks again to Rob and his new site will be launching in just over a week, while in the meantime you can follow him on Twitter @oldtraffordreds