A Guide To The Tilehurst End v2.0

If you're just stumbling upon our website for the first time then welcome, but if you've been with us at any point before July 2012 you might be thinking 'hmmm this looks different' that's because we've moved over to SB Nation a new blogging network that also incorporates blogs from a wide variety of teams across many different sports.

So if you are new, or you're old and thinking 'I don't like change' here's a quick guide to the site.

A Tilehurst End Road Map

The layout of the site overall should be fairly intuitive. New stuff is at the top, the right-hand side bar contains Fanshots and Fanpost (more on which shortly), links to the rest of SB Nation and also links to our archives with articles from previous season.

Note that for many of the stories, you will only see the first paragraph or two - this is to keep the page a manageable length. You can click on the title, the 'Continue Reading This Post' link or the 'Comments' link, to see the full-length version of the piece and to talk about it.

If this is your first time here, you probably want to sign up for a login. While you can read all you want without registering, commenting, creating Fanposts, recommending, etc. is only available to those who are members - though you can sign in with your Facebook account, for example.

Right, now you've signed up, a plethora of possibilities open up. The main one you want to use is commenting. For registered users, there's a box at the bottom of every piece, where you can give your thoughts, opinions and responses. If there have already been comments, there's a 'reply' button beside each one, so you can use that to answer a previous comment - that way, your response will appear closer to the original, rather than all the way at the bottom, where no-one will know who you are talking to.

When reading comments, the Z key is your friend. After you go into a story, hitting it will take you to the first new comment. Hit it again, it will mark that comment as read, and take you to the next new one. Keep going, and it makes it easy to go through and see the latest thoughts - it's particularly helpful in the Gameday Threads, where new comments are frequent and can appear anywhere. Comments update in real time - you don't need to hit refresh, they just automagically appear on your page, for as long as you are on it. When you click somewhere else, all comments on the story at that point are set as read, so won't appear as 'new' the next time you go back into it.

Under a comment, if you click on 'Actions', you'll see a 'Rec' button. If someone has said something you agree with, is amusing or interesting, click the Rec. Popular comments appear as green, and in each Gameday Match Thread, we award a 'Comment of the Game' to the best contribution: the number of recs is taken into consideration. You can also recommend stories, Fanshots and Fanposts, and popular entries in the last two categories will appear in a special section on the right sidebar. The 'Actions' section also contains a 'Flag' option, if you find a comment offensive, or one that's spam [though the latter is much less an issue].

As well as comments, you can contribute Fanshots and Fanposts, through the block at the top-right of the site, just below the banner. Fanshots are typically quick and self-explanatory: links to news or interesting pieces elsewhere, photos, videos, quotes, etc. Fanposts are if you want to discuss something in more depth. For instance, if you see a story headlined Reading sign Jordan Rhodes and want to bring that to our attention, you'd do a Fanshot. If you want to write a story about the reasons why Reading should (or should not) get rid of Ian Harte, then you'd do a Fanpost. Good examples of either may get promoted by to the main page.

I want to contribute!

Sure! We are always looking for new voices and opinions. Almost everyone who is now an editor or moderator started off by posting Fanposts or Fanshots which were interesting and well-written.

We're also happy to help out with advice, pointers, criticism and links to sites for information you can use when writing your pieces. We all started somewhere, made embarrassing mistakes along the way, and got better as a result of it. Writing, writing lots, and throwing it out there for public comment, is really the only way to get better. The more people we have contributing to the community, offering up their own thoughts, the better it is for everyone: fresh input, in whatever form, is the life-blood of any site, and we look forward to you being part of that.

If you've any questions, comments, concerns, criticisms or whatever, all the editors and moderators can be reached through email by clicking on the envelope icon next to their names in the footer. Please do reach out to them, for whatever reason.

If that doesn't work just send a mail to

All views expressed are those of the author and not necessarily those of The Tilehurst End or SB Nation.