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View From The Town End - Tottenham

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Yes Premier League football returns after an absence of nearly 4 weeks this Sunday as Tottenham are the visitors to the Madejski Stadium.

Ahead of this Sunday's game we spoke to Kevin McCauley from fellow SB Nation site Cartilage Free Captain about his thoughts on the game.

What have you made of Tottenham's start to the season?

It hasn't been fun, and I'm scared that we look like AVB's Chelsea, but this kind of slow start could have happened to any team in Tottenham's situation. With a new manager and without the players that they bought with the money they made from selling their best player, Tottenham haven't been great. That's not too surprising. If they fail to win again this week, I'll get concerned.

There are already stories circulating that some Spurs fans want AVB out, how much time do you think he has to impress and win the fans over?

Anyone who wants any manager fired after three games, ever, is an idiot. Anyone reasonable isn't pulling the plug unless we're firmly in the bottom half at Christmas.

Gylfi Sigurdsson is a player that Royals fans remember fondly, what have been your early impressions of him?

He was great for Swansea last season and had impressive stints at Reading and Hoffenheim, but he hasn't gotten off to a good start in a Tottenham shirt. Without Luka Modric in the team, there hasn't been anyone to get him the ball, and with Jermain Defoe up top, there hasn't been anyone to hold up the ball and bring him into play. I think he'll look much better when he gets a chance to play with Moussa Dembele and Emmanuel Adebayor.

Best memory of Reading v Tottenham?

Oh come on, did you really have to ask? The awesome 6-4 game, of course.

Tottenham 6-4 Reading 2007-2008 (via youroyals1871)

And the worst?

Reading's 3-1 comeback win in 2006 was no fun. I don't recall any epic FA Cup ties between the sides, but I might be drawing a blank.

Reading 3-1 Tottenham 2006-2007 (via youroyals1871)

Anyone we should be particularly worried about on Sunday?

Probably Dembele. He looked very sharp in his first substitute appearance and I expect him to start on Sunday. Considering Tottenham's lack of movement off the ball and their struggles to play a great final pass during their first three games, Dembele should help the side quite a bit.

Anyone Spurs fans are worried about?

As usual, Reading have a solid group of players but no one who really turns games by themselves. The closest thing to that kind of player that you guys have is probably Pavel Pogrebnyak. It's incredible how well he's done in England after having such an awful stint in the Bundesliga. He looks like your most dangerous player at the moment.

Score prediction?

2-0 Tottenham, but maybe that's just wishful thinking.

Cheers again to Kevin and you can follow the guys on Twitter

@cartilagefree we'll have a full match preview up tomorrow here on The Tilehurst End.