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2013/14 Analysis & Opinion

Where does Alfie sit among Reading strikers? Pt 1

With Adam Le Fondre Cardiff bound after a three-year stint at the Madejski, one of the natural questions to reflect on is where does he sit among Reading's all-time greats? To answer that we need to establish how we might rank a forward's impact.

McAnuff: The Legend Debate

With Jobi McAnuff released last week, two of our Assistant Editors face off to determine whether McAnuff is worthy of being classed as a Reading Legend.

Goal of the Season 2013-14 - Results

After 194 votes, the Reading FC Goal of the Season can be revealed.

Understanding Raw Roy

Marc Mayo tries to understand Royston Drenthe by scouring the player's history, social media and Reading career.

The Choices of Chairman John

URZZ1871 takes a look at where Reading FC are heading off the pitch, and, in particular what choices - if any - Royals Chairman Sir John Madejski has open to him.

2013/14 in the books - A look back & ahead

No amount of pessimism can prepare you for that moment when your season ends. For nine long months you hope and try to believe it'll all be ok in the end but ultimately Reading just couldn't get themselves over the line this season.

Player of the Season: Editorial team views

The Tilehurst End editorial team came together to put forward who each person thought should've been voted the Reading FC Player of the Season.

The herd

Are we, as Reading and football fans, guilty of groupthink too often? What role does social media have in this?

A Blueprint for mediocrity

While Reading FC still have the chance to earn a spot in the top six, those chances look slimmer by the game. While pre-season expectations were lofty for, should we still judge our performances by them, or have we got exactly what we deserve.

Grand Central Frustrations

Ahead of the crucial home fixture against Leicester, one which will further add more twists and turns to what is probably one of the most topsy-turvy seasons in living memory. So, what will our midfield comprise under the floodlights of the Madejski?

In praise of Reading FC's PR

Reading FC's recent publicity efforts to promote its links with the town are a good thing, argues cpmurph.

Guthrie ban adds to midfield woes - who steps up?

Danny Guthrie collected a 10th booking of the season against Birmingham, ruling the midfielder out of the next two home games with Barnsley and Huddersfield. So who will step into the void? We run through the contenders.

Tawdry and offensive journalism at its best

For some reason, the Reading Chronicle today published an astounding article exposing the problem of football hooliganism, and particular amongst reading supporters. No, it's not April Fool's day yet .. Jon Keen (@urzz1871) analyses today's piece.

Is The Premier League A Dream Worth Chasing?

After the success of our safe standing debate a couple of weeks back, we've decided to try and make debates a semi-regular feature here on the website. Today Wimb & Matt Duncan debate whether reaching the Premier the League is the be all and end all.

Football by No's: In praise of clever footballers

urzz1871 shares some thoughts on how it's not just effort, workrate and footballing skills that matter - footballing intelligence is vital too.

Key Goal For Reading This Season Is Scoring First

We talk so often about key goals in football, and how the second, third or even fourth can be monumental in changing the course of a game. But for Reading, the first of the match seems to be the critical moment in deciding where the points go...

A Pogrebny-lack of Pav

What would the Royals do without their 'Big F*cking Russian'? @JacobSouthKlein takes a look in this beast of an article.

Five Things: Reading v Blackburn

So with the dust settling on a drab day at the office for Reading, here's five things that took my notice in and around Saturday's game against Blackburn.

Reading FC Ups & Downs: Games 12-32

Earlier this season we looked at the ups and downs of our squad over the first 11 games this season, sadly this segment got buried away during the mire of the new year but I thought it was time to reflect on our player's performances since that point

Five Things: QPR v Reading

A sunny Sunday's afternoon saw the Royals take all three points back to Berkshire with a 3-1 victory over the Fake Hoops at Loftus Road. Perhaps our best win of the season, and a key victory in our hunt for the Playoffs.

Et tu, Doyle?

Should Kevin Doyle have celebrated his goal against us? Our writers consider this thorny issue.

Where does Obita's future lie?

Jordan Obita has now started five games in a row at left back — could he possibly make the switch full time?

Do we have our own Deadly Duo?

Strong form from Pavel Pogrebnyak and Adam Le Fondre for Reading FC has been another note on their recent improvement. But what has brought this about? Marc Mayo looks at how the pair have played together in their time at the club and gives his view.

Where Did It All Go Right?

It can’t have escaped your attention that Reading’s form over the last month has taken a remarkable turn for the better. Has losing the ever present Danny Guthrie actually made the side better?

An environment bereft of the beautiful game

Life without fellow football fans, what is that actually like?

Millwall vs Reading: Five Things

Here are five things to take away from another important victory at the New Den on Saturday.

Window Pain Or Window Gain? Reading's January

Reading may have ended the January window with nobody coming in to the club but with no departures from the Madejski Stadium and a run of four wins in five, have they boosted their position through other means? We take a look.

Championship: January Infographic

With the Championship more than half way over, here's a visual look at how things have gone so far.

Reading v Blackpool: Five Things

Clearly 5 goals scored almost writes itself but let's indulge for a few minutes...

Ipswich Town v Reading: 5 Things

A 2-0 away defeat at out-of-form Ipswich prevented a 3rd win in a row. Moving forward, here is what I think we take from the Portman Road encounter.

19 games to go - Comparing Reading's past run-ins

Yesterday's 2-0 defeat to Ipswich left the Royals on 41 points from 27 league games this season, still nestled in sixth place in the Championship table. So with just 19 games to go lets look back on previous run-ins to see what we can learn.

The State of the Defence

Injuries have certainly hampered Nigel Adkins attempts to build a settled back five. Here, we take a look at the performance of Reading's defenders this season.