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Reading 1-1 Yeovil - Player Ratings

Another depressing chapter in Reading's season which promised so much and, to this point, has delivered more pain than joy. The Yeovil match was a low - here's how we rated the players on the day.

Alex McCarthy: 5

A massive rush of blood for Yeovil's goal which saw him come into no man's land and flap at air as Shane Duffy headed into an empty net. Made a good save just two minutes later, but was largely unemployed on the day.

Chris Gunter: 6

Captained the Royals for the first time on Saturday, but if he led by example, then it's understandable why the whole team was hoofing forward at every opportunity. He did get forward a couple of times, once for a golden chance for Alfie and another for the third red, but overall he was disappointing.

Alex Pearce: 4

What happened to the Pearce who was nailed-on to be club captain a couple of seasons ago? He and Gorkss were dominated by a striker who was playing for Dorchester Town last season, whilst Pearce looked shaky on the ball as ever.

Kaspars Gorkss: 4

Similar to Pearce to be honest, Gorkss looked uncomfortable against both the power of Kieffer Moore and the pace of James Hayter. Playing for a new contract at the end of the season, and Gorkss had impressed to this point recently, but this performance cast some serious doubts.

Jordan Obita: 6

A difficult game for Obita, who was clearly frustrated by the tactics which called upon him to constantly hoof into the channels from left back - when there was a gaping hole in the middle of the park, especially at ten and nine men. He performed well enough, and looked okay defensively.

Garath McCleary: 3

Looks to have suffered from Guthrie syndrome: take him out of the game, and Reading are impotent. Every time he got the ball, he instantly had two men on him to make sure he couldn't create a spark.

Danny Williams: 5

Looked sharp in the first half, with a couple of pot-shots from long range, but then with the introduction of Guthrie at half-time he was completely anonymous.

Hope Akpan: 3

Frustrating. For all I've backed Akpan in recent weeks when people have been criticising him, he looked out of his depth on Saturday with wayward passes and the need for more time than he actually had.

Hal Robson-Kanu: 3

After one decent run in the first half, he was another player that simply disappeared onto the periphery. No surprise to see him replaced by Drenthe early in the second half.

Pavel Pogrebnyak: 5

The two striker ratings are very difficult, because both created good chances but missed nigh on all of them. Pog had one ruled out for offside, and another well saved by Stech. The tactics did not suit him at all, as he was out-fought, out-jumped and out-headed by the two Yeovil centre-backs all day.

Adam Le Fondre: 4

For all he did that was good, he missed the two best chances all day - one from Chris Gunter's right-wing cutback, and one from 12 yards with only the keeper to beat. A badly placed penalty summed up the luck for the normally clinical striker, who looked decent in snatches with some nice touches and passes.


Danny Guthrie: 6

His passing created a few problems, and one led to the penalty and the first red card. A good showing from Guthrie who will want his place back in the side - cue yet more debates about whether he should return...

Royston Drenthe: 6

Won the penalty and caused his usual amount of oohs and aahs from the Reading crowd, and showed exactly what his half hour cameos are about.

Nick Blackman: N/A

That's how we rated the players, but how did you see it? Who gets a higher or lower rating in your book? And who is least undeserving of "man of the match"? Let us know below...