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Media Reaction: Blackburn (A)

Who would have thought it? A mere few hours before the show's 50th Anniversary special, a bore draw at Doctor Who actor Matt Smith's beloved Blackburn Rovers. Here we look at some of the media fallout from what was a far from timeless encounter.

In Thursday's 'Ref-Watch' segment, I stuck in a plea for ''an entertaining and non-controversial'' match. Typically, it could be argued that what we got, from a Royal perspective, was neither entertaining nor non-controversial. So, lesson learned, I'll make sure never to tempt fate like that again.

Here we have a glorified link-dump to various reports on yesterday's game, written by those with the unenviable job of watching it (along with 486 cold and bemused travelling supporters).

First off, we have the official site's write-up. I think it's fair to say there is more than a strong hint of feeling sore over the penalty decision in there (and who wouldn't be):


Next we have the clinical and succinct opinion of the BBC, giving us a selection of statistics, and post-match comment from both managers to boot:


On the subject of statistics, the gentlemen over at have compiled a comprehensive stat-orientated report on the match. Just look at all those pie-charts.


Of course, this wouldn't be a true Media Reaction article without the cultured opinion of our country's press. Interesting how the Mail Online pays homage to ''a solid rearguard display by Reading'', and stresses that it was ''our first clean sheet in 33 away ties''. How very positive, and also incorrect given our 1-0 win at Yeovil...


Finally, we go over to the more familiar climes of Hob Nob Anyone?, where the post-match reaction is as down-to-earth, brutally honest and opinionated as ever. Hurrah.


Next week I'll be back to dissect the reaction from our upcoming clash with Nottingham Forest. Until then, I'll spend the week stewing over another away performance that left a little more to be desired.