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View From The Town End: QPR

So Harry Redknapp's side are the next to visit the Madejski Stadium as Reading look to bounce back from last weekend's humilIating 5-2 defeat at Sheffield Wednesday. Ahead of the game we spoke to Mike from The QPR Report for his view on Saturday's game.

Justin Setterfield

How would you sum up QPR's season so far?

Far better than I feared; better that I seriously expected.

The squad was painted as a disintered and fractious one last season, has Harry cleared up those problems?

Guess we'll see if and when we start losing! Winning solves a lot of problems. We got rid of several in-theory very talented players (mostly out on loan). One or two potentially-problematic, such as Joey Barton, have turned out (thus far at least) to be anything but.

Are you confident you'll make it over the line and win back promotion?

Confident is too strong a word; but certainly hopeful, we'll make it (or just fail). With Parachute payments, we certainly have the advantage over most of the other clubs in this Division. And we have wealthy owners who COULD put in more money to sign additional players in January (or for loans). Guess we'll see.

What are your best memories of Reading v QPR

Warm memories of Les Allen's "Lesser footballing" brother, Dennis being at Reading
These games - before my time of supporting QPR

And the worst?

Start with last season!

Who should Reading be wary of on Saturday?

I'm sorry: I'm not going to tell you! But if you look at our results, you'll get an idea!

Anyone QPR are worried about?

All the players with a QPR (or might-have-been) QPR Connection!

Score prediction?


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