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Media Reaction: Huddersfield (A)

As Eminem would testify, Saturday involved a serious dosage of Deja Vu for Royals fans: reminiscent of Charlton at home, a 1-0 win, some seriously squeaky moments, and a winning goal courtesy of Billy Sharp. Here's how the media rated our blustery Yorkshire away day.

Three points, and up to 5th in the Championship table. Lovely stuff.


Straight from the mouth of the club itself, we first have the official Reading write-up of the match.

Paying homage to a ''well-drilled Huddersfield Town side'', I reckon the website does a pretty admirable job of giving a nicely balanced account of the game. Though I would question the statement that the ''points were secured quite comfortably in the dying stages'', as I seem to remember it being a more hair-and-scare final few minutes than the report suggests, from being up in 'Uddersfield myself.

However, much of that may have been a result of Akpan's calamitous ''shot'' (or expertly-executed fake shot, depending on how you saw it) that you can behold for yourself here:


Next up, a stroll over to the pastures of the BBCwho penned another match report.

Something that stuck out for me in this one is the little ''In-Form Royals'' caption at the side. Perhaps I'm pessimistic, but 2 losses, 2 draws and 3 wins in our last 7 games doesn't seem particularly glowing from where I stand. However, if you reckon I'm wrong then feel free to leave plenty of constructive abuse in the comments section below.


The fellows at bring us another one of their traditionally analytical takes on Saturday's game with this next article, chock-full of numbers, arrows and the like.

Staggeringly, their player-ratings gurus deemed it appropriate to award Alex McCarthy a massive 9.2 out of 10 for his display, as well as the Man of the Match award. I think I'm right in saying that this represents the highest rating a Reading goalkeeper has been given by the site this season. Nonetheless I feel it is totally justified: you cannot really overstate the importance of McCarthy in any game (as discussed on TTE Podcast Christmas Special), but his performance on Saturday was special.


Here's the Mail Online giving us a glimpse into the reaction of the press.

The urge to include a cheap ''Sharp-shooter'' pun appears to have been too much for the Mail to handle, unfortunately. There is, however, a frankly glorious photo of Drenthe lower down the page, unleashing a feral roar in wake of the goal.


Finally, I leave you this week with another post-match tirade courtesy of HobNob Anyone?.

I can't recall another match this season which has divided opinion to such a degree: some Nobbers seem contented with the result, whereas some are less satisfied and bemoan another fine-margin victory. If you ask me, a win's a win, though it would be nice to nobble someone with a glut of goals sometime soon.


That's your lot for now. I'll return on Thursday to dish the dirt on the referee for Wigan at the weekend. Cheerio.