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Twitter Reacts to McDermott's Departure

Here's the initial reaction on Twitter to the news. Merged with Tweets of the Week. We'll continue to update this list as time goes on.

Michael Regan
Tweets of the Week. As you might expect, this weeks Tweets of the Week is dominated by the news that Brian McDermott has been sacked. Before we get to the big news, why don't we take a look at the bright future. Roberts is out for the remainder of the season. Dominic Samuel must be dreaming. Superman wishes the boys the best before the Villa game. Samuel makes it to the big time. Pogrebnyak looks very happy to still be suspended. WANTED: Missing January signing. Disallowed goals hurt. Morro treats his followers to a picture of himself. Goodbye, Brian McDermott. McDermott reaction. Footballing people have their say.

Thinking of the future. All hail Sir Nigel. Oh dear, is everyone leaving?