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Nigel Adkins Press Conference - The Key Points

So we've now heard from Adkins as Reading's new manager as well as hearing from Anton Zingarevich, Nick Hammond and Sir John Madejski. Most of the presser was full of the standard bravado and cliches about believing we can stay up but as well as that there were one or two nuggets of info that were quite interesting.

Tom Dulat

Nigel Adkins:

  • Dares to dream that Reading can stay up. Says they'll scrap for every point, giving everything they've got and wants to keep this club in the Premier League
  • Has spent the past couple of months travelling round Europe including a stint with Hamburg.
  • Didn't speak with Leeds about their managerial vacancy.
  • Wouldn't be drawn on tactics, though sensationally confirmed they did intend to play a goalkeeper.
  • Thanked Southampton fans, players and staff for being part of a wonderful journey.
  • Confirmed he'd spoken to Brian McDermott who 'didn't have a bad word to say' about the football club.
  • He said he'd already formed a good relationship with Director of Football Nick Hammond. First time he's worked with a DoF but said one of the things he did at Hamburg was learn more about how those relationships work.
Anton Zingarevich
  • Said the decision to sack McDermott was a tough one due to their personal relationship.
  • Told the press that the reason they didn't spend big in the summer was because they had v limited scouting in place.
  • Indicated the plan was always for limited summer investment and then 'doing more' in January.
  • Said that he felt that Brian McDermott should have done more in January and that the budget was there.
  • Won't interfere with transfer targets which will be down to Nigel Adkins.
  • Hopes the club can stay in the Premier League.
  • Conceded the first year financial results from TSI weren't the best.
Nick Hammond

  • No comment on contract situations of Pearce, Hunt etc. Said that one reason for giving the new manager 8 games was to help him make his own judgments.
  • Said all transfers signed so far have been players that Brian wanted.
  • Had a good relationship with Nigel Adkins and has never been a problem working with other managers such as Pardew, Coppell, Rodgers or McDermott.
Sir John Madejski

  • Thought Brian was a good manager and sure he'll get another job soon.
  • Thinks Adkins is a good manager.
  • Recruitment was totally driven by Anton as he knows far more about football matters than him.
So that's a few of the points made this morning. If you've got any feelings on them or points you want to add, then please drop a comment into the comments section below.

If you want the full audio it's currently up on YouTube for now.