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The Tilehurst End turns two

Happy Birthday to us! Oh and Happy Easter. A couple of years ago we launched The Tilehurst End with the idea of creating a website run by fans for fans and two years on we're still here.

Since March 31, 2011 we've had close to 800 articles on the site, written by close to 20 contributors, have gained around 2,500 followers on the Twitter account and been read well over 300,000 times.

All I can say is thanks for sticking with us and for supporting the website. Whether that's writing an article, reading a piece, posting a comment or just giving us a retweet, thank you.

Hopefully we've managed to get a few things right since then and while we've made the odd mistake along the way, we hope to continue to get bigger and better over the next few years.

The most important thing we're always keen to say is that we're an open website for any fan and we're always looking for new contributors so if you've ever thought of getting involved, please just drop us an email over to or read this piece here for more information.

So again, thanks for taking the time to visit and your help in making the site what it is today.

Your slices of birthday cake will be in the post, scheduled to arrive on the day we actually manage to beat Arsenal.....