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Norwich 2-1 Reading - Player Ratings

An improved performance from Reading against Norwich but it still wasn't enough to grab even a point from Carrow Road. How did our players fare?

Jamie McDonald

McCarthy; Gunter, Morrison, Mariappa, Kelly; Blackman, Guthrie, McAnuff, Karacan, McCleary; Pogrebnyak

McCarthy: 7 - Another good performance from the Royals' keeper, who is quickly gathering a reputation as a classy shot-stopper. It was his weak punch which led to the Canaries' second, though.

Gunter: 7 - A mixed day for Gunts. He got forward well and put in a few decent crosses, but in defence he was often bypassed or beaten.

Morrison: 6 - For about 15 minutes, Norwich had more than 5 corners and were first to every single one - including one which their goal came from. It would be harsh to put the blame squarely on his shoulders but he's the tallest guy on the pitch. He was considered with his distribution in Adkins' new passing game though.

Mariappa: 6 - Like Morrison (arguably more so as he seems to be the leader of the defence) that succession of corners was really quite worrying. But again, when going forward and starting from the back, the pair were confident.

Kelly: 7 - Fast becoming the revelation of this season, Stephen Kelly is no nonsense, 7/10 every game. Despite playing out of position on the left side. Even popped up to nearly equalize.

Blackman: 5 - Raw. So, so raw. Clearly has pace to burn and played one pass to Stephen Kelly which wouldn't have looked out of place at Camp Nou. But his passing, shooting and crossing were all quite weak for the most part. And he gave away a foul throw for stepping over the line...

Guthrie: 6 - I expected this to be the sort of game Guthrie would thrive in, with time on the ball to pick his pass and essentially a dominance of Norwich for the most part. But he was pretty anonymous.

McAnuff: 7 - Seems to be thriving now that Adkins has come in, which is quite a strange thing in itself. But he was confident, charged forward, had a couple of pot shots and looked lively.

Karacan: 7 - One of Jem's better games I thought, as he was afforded time on the ball when he got it, and got himself around the pitch when he didn't have it. As always, boundless energy from the midfielder.

McCleary: 8 - A fantastic performance from the winger who looked to take on his man at every opportunity, wasn't afraid to drive at the defence, and scored Reading's goal with a spank from 25 yards. MOTM

Pogrebnyak: 6 - A slightly harsh rating perhaps because this was one of Pog's livelier games in 2013. He showed willing up top, and created a couple of chances for himself and others. But he was still too anonymous.