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Fancy Playing At The Mad Stad?

Well, Football Aid can help. They're arranging a charity match on Friday 7th June and are giving you the opportunity to showcase your skills on the Madejski Stadium pitch. Here are all the details you need.

Richard Heathcote

The remaining positions are available for the following final reduced prices: 45min Home No 5 CB available for £160, the 45min Home No 16 RB for £160, the 90min Away No 1 for £150, the 45min Away No 2 RB for £150 and the 45min Away No 15 CH for £150.

If you haven’t secured your position yet, why not grab this last chance to grace the hallowed turf in our 90 min charity match. You'll experience exclusive behind the scenes access, a fully personalised strip waiting for you in the changing room, the revered run through the tunnel onto the hallowed turf and the chance to play for the Royals while being Managed by former club Legend Lawrie Sanchez!

To secure a position and grab the chance to "Live the Dream" at The Madejski, just visit the Reading FC page here: and choose the Buy Now option.

Alternatively if you’d like to discuss anything further or wish to make an offer for any of these last available positions, call us on 0131 220 5999 or email

It promises to be a great day, and all donations go to the Football Aid cause. Get involved!