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Peterborough 6-0 Reading - Player Ratings

Below are my scores for each player out of ten, together with a bit more detail on their performances, which although it's harsh is as objective as I can make it. I'm not going to single out a single player, though - they were all dire in one way or another.

David Rogers

Adam Federici : 5

Regular readers will know I'm not a great fan of Federici, but today I give him the highest mark of any Reading player. The old weakness of being beaten too easily at his near post was shown in the first goal, though, and it's worrying that he was beaten three times by shots from outside the area.

Shaun Cummings : 1

The old "Short Cummings" who was humiliated at West Brom all those years ago was back today. I hate to be so critical, but really he had an absolute nightmare.

Chris Gunter : 1

Sadly, what Cummings failed to produce on one side of the pitch, Gunter was equal to on the other. A basic failure to defend, pure and simple. Adkins maintains that "it doesn't matter where on the pitch a full-back plays." It certainly does today if neither of them can reliably perform the basic role of a defender, which is to defend.

Adrian Mariappa : 1

Many people over the past weeks have been saying "Mariappa is the answer." On today's showing, that's only true if the question is "What do you call a central defender who's easily out-paced, turned with ease and beaten all ends up just about every time a player runs at him with the ball?" Nigel Adkins seems to have him in the pecking order below Morrison and Pearce. No arguments with that one!

Kaspars Gorkss : 1

Like Mariappa today, but less mobile, not as pacey and more easily beaten on the ground.On one occasion had a ten yard start when chasing a ball and got there second - I think if he'd been up against an asthmatic snail carrying three bags of shopping he's still have got there second. I think I understand now why Wolves went down last year.

Danny Williams : 4

He looked the pick of the midfield, and made a couple of useful runs. But he seems to have a really bad tendency to put the ball too far ahead of himself, and despite the few glimmers of promise he didn't actually achieve anything of any significance and was largely ineffective.

Hope Akpan : 1

Nigel Adkins wants to play a passing game. Passing is not Akpan's strength. I'm not sure exactly how many of his passes - even simple passes - went astray but it's not a small number. Looked completely out of his depth.

Hal Robson-Kanu : 3

Lots of runs, absolutely no end product and far too easily hassled off the ball. I had great hopes that this would be the season he'd progress into a real asset, but he seems to be going backwards after being one of the more promising players last year. His one shot hit the roof of the stand behind the goal.

Jordan Obita : 2

I'm not going to be too harsh on the youngster, I'll just leave it that he didn't do anything in the game that I noticed.

Adam Le Fondre : 2

He wasn't given any service except long balls hoofed forward for him to try and win in the air, and the only memorable incidents were his booking for scything down a Peterborough player out of sheer frustration in the second-half, and also for his applause to the referee for booking a ‘Boro player shortly afterwards. Nothing in front of goal to speak of, though.

Pavel Pogrebnyak : 3

Started off quite well - except for his trademark flying leap into a stationary opponent, for the first 15 minutes all the few good things that Reading did up front came from his flicks and tricks on the edge of the box. Then he seemed to lose interest and Reading did nothing else good up front, and when he did get a rare free header at goal it was nowhere near the target.

Substitutes : 0

When a team is performing so badly, of course the manager will make changes, won't he?Won't he? Well, not tonight, it seems. I think only Nigel Adkins can explain this - unless maybe he was trying to spare some of his more regular players from the stigma of being associated with this match.

My Man of the Match : Rhys Baillie

The young Reading mascot didn't put a foot wrong out on the pitch. Which is certainly something that can't be said of anyone else in a Reading shirt out there.