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View From The Town End: Yeovil

So we move onto Yeovil and try and put the dismal results of the past week behind us. Ahead of the game we spoke to Yeovil fan Ben Barrett to get his view on Gary Johnson's side.

Harry Engels

How would you sum up this season so far?

We're having a party in the stands. It's a 46 game trophy parade, the feelings in the away ends at both Millwall and Burnley have been something rather special and home gates are up and everyone is enjoying the Championship experience.

Of course, the results aren't currently going our way and that will need addressing if we're to achieve our goal and stay in this division.

We're still learning, and need to adapt the players and whole club to this level and the performances are suggesting that we're not a million miles away, we just need a bit of luck or something different to go our way and we'll get the ball rolling.

We've shown sides we're not here to make up the numbers, we're here on merit and we're going to have a bloody good time while we're at it.

While Reading were dumped out of the league cup in emphatic fashion, Yeovil went out in controversial circumstances against Birmingham. What was your take on the evening?

How long have you got?

Everyone had their opinion on the Webster equaliser so I doubt I'll be able to make anyone's mind up, but for me, it all revolves around the injury to Birmingham's Dan Burn (yes, he who scored the winner for us at Wembley in May), he didn't need any treatment so the ball didn't need to leave the field of play.

Colin Doyle could have just held it, still wasting the time he intended to and still keeping possession.

But to give Yeovil a chance, a glimpse, was all we needed. The truth is, when 2-1 down with seconds on the clock I feel the chance to get that stroke of luck mentioned earlier was too good to turn down. I don't blame Gary Johnson for ordering a play on, nor Byron Webster for scoring.

I don't like that we gave the goal back, especially not 15 minutes later, but in heat of the battle who knows what is going on in people's heads!?

Gary Johnson has explained his side very well, and I'm sticking behind him on his comments.

Nothing has been made of the conduct of Birmingham in all this, players allegedly kicking water bottles at fans and members of staff venting their frustrations in a less than professional manner in director's boxes long after the incident aren't exactly what we expect.

But we could discuss all this all day - what's done is done, good luck to Birmingham in Round Three and Dan Burn will always be in the Yeovil history books.

Enough of that, Luke Ayling scored. 145 games, our longest serving member, no goals, numerous chances and finally he scored. A 20-yard screamer, no less. With his left foot, he only ever uses that one to stand on!

Being in the second tier is brand new territory for the club, are you confident you can establish yourselves?

We're honest enough to say being ‘established' at this level is a long way off, but what we can do is gain respect at this level.

We're probably level with Scunthorpe with regards to being the "smallest" club to play at this level and some of the financial stats to back that up are staggering.

A relegated side from the Premier League will receive somewhere in the region of £15million pounds in a parachute payment in the first year alone.

Upon promotion to the Championship our Chief Exec at the time was delighted to announce that our entire yearly turnover could rocket to around £7million.

How can Yeovil compete with that? Well, I don't know the answer but we'll give it a go!

We're ‘Little Old Yeovil', to stay up and take on the sides with the calibre of QPR, Wigan and yourselves at Reading (ignoring the sides like Nottingham Forest and Leeds - who are so well supported) is a bit of a dream.

We'll rely on our home form, Huish Park doesn't exactly have the facilities of the Madjeski Stadium and - here's a cliché for you - teams won't like coming to Yeovil, especially on a cold, wet Tuesday night in October.

I suppose you are more concerned about doing it on a mild Saturday in August, but you get the point.

Who should Reading fans be worried about on Saturday?

Paddy Madden should return to the side, he's out of form at the moment, but when one goes in off his backside he'll be firing again, he's a confidence based striker - a call up to the Republic of Ireland squad will help with that.

Elsewhere, the returning Andy Williams has a point to prove, he left us under a bit of a cloud and has come back, he needs to get a small percentage of fans back on his side, I guess the winner against Reading will do his cause the world of good.

Anyone that Yeovil fans are particularly wary of?

Another potentially long list, I guess we look at Adam Le Fondre and Roysten Drenthe and wonder what on earth they're doing playing Championship football, but I wouldn't say they'll overawe us.

We've played big teams and big names before and overcome them, we might want to swap shirts at the end, but only once we've given you a game.

I guess this would be the best place to mention that we are chuffed to see Alex McCarthy doing so well for you, and we love it when our former loan players come back. Staggering, really, that we have gone from borrowing your future stars off you to stay in League One to playing you on an even keel.

Score prediction?

I feel this all falls down to the first 15-20 minutes, should Yeovil get a goal and continue in a positive vein, there is no reason to rule out us getting a result, the crowd will be bouncing after Tuesday's goings on and so if they get going following a positive start it could be a great day.

However, flip that and if Reading get one or two early, much like Derby did last week, it'll quickly become a ‘here we go again' feeling.

Reading have some wrongs to right from Tuesday, if they get a head of steam it could be a big one, the quality of players at their disposal could be just too powerful.

I'm a positive guy though, we'll get an early goal, we'll get the crowd behind us and we'll get the win our home fans crave so much. 2-1.

(Or we'll lose 5-0...)

Any advice for the travelling fans?

Bring a coat, if it rains, you're getting wet. Sorry, we don't have a roof on the away terrace.

We're expecting a fair few of you and it'll be a busy one for home fans too, so leave a little extra time for the journey and parking both before and after the game.

If you get a clean run come and explore the town, have fish and chips at Palmers, find a local cider farm or be a bit of a tourist - this is a town that‘s enjoying the Championship not just a football club.

We're a nice lot really, just don't time waste at the end and we'll get on just fine.

Thanks again to Ben and you can hear more of his thought's on this week's Tilehurst End Podcast or by following him on Twitter @BenBarrett10

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