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The Aaron Tshibola Interview

Our friends at @Fresh_Reading conducted an interview with young Royals midfielder Aaron Tshibola and were kind enough to share it with us. Below, Tshibola talks swapping Lions for Royals, spending time with Manchester United's academy and who he considers the best player in the world right now.

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Aaron, you joined the club back in 2008...Why Reading Football Club?

"Reading was always first choice! I had been to the top four clubs before I came to Reading and although I love Arsenal, Reading straight away felt like home, and it is a great club for youngsters like myself and haven't looked back."

How have you been getting on at the club since you joined?

"Since I've joined I reckon I have developed a lot , coming from Millwall at a young age I still had a lot to learn and Reading have helped me developed not just as a player but as a person too. It was hard to settle in at first because I was young at 14/15 years old and I was away from my family for a couple of days a week to stay up in Reading, but the players and staff made me feel at home which was helpful."

Last year you went on trial to Manchester United, what was this experience like for you?

"Going away with Man United was really good and I enjoyed every minute of it, from the tour to just exploring the city was great. The players were very humble and the staff were very welcoming. I adapted to what they did quite quickly, and it showed on the pitch as the way I like to play was just the way they played, lots of passing and rotational play but they also all work hard for each other so it was a learning experience for me and I took some bits back to Reading. I also got to meet Alex Ferguson and sat at the same dinner table as Rio Ferdinand, Wayne Rooney, Dimitar Berbatov and others. I got to see Paul Pogba in the gym too, someone who I highly admire so all in all was a great experience."

Reading will play in the Barclays Premier League U21's this season...

What are your league ambitions this season?

"Last year we narrowly missed out on a top four spot to qualify for the play-offs, so this season will be hungry to make things right and although there's some big named clubs this season it doesn't mean anything as last year we beat Man City at home and drew both times to Arsenal. Anything could happen in football, but what we do know is we won't be a push over to any club!"

Which game are you looking forward to the most?

"I'm obviously looking forward to playing against the bigger clubs as it's always exciting testing yourself against probably some of the best players in the country and so I will be relishing to participate in those games, but the ones I'm excited to play in are Manchester United after being there in the past! Also West Ham because I have a few mates there and it would be nice to get one over them and Arsenal too."

With big names like Manchester United, Manchester City and Arsenal in this league, are you intimidated at all? Or will you thrive from the challenge?

"Not at all! If anything it will boost out motivation! They've got something to prove being the high status club so I will be relishing the opportunity to play against the top clubs and it will be great for us to showcase our talents, so those games I can't wait for."

In terms of the squad...

Who's the best player you've ever played with?

"Hmm that's a tough one! I've played with some good players but I reckon I'd have to go with Danny Guthrie."

Who's the best U21 player at present? Best first-team player?

"(laughs) At present everyone is doing well in the 21's, we've all started the season hungry and raring to go so I couldn't give an answer to who's the best player at present as everyone is looking really good... Same with the first team, I've trained with them a few times now and they're all looking really sharp so it would be hard to say."

Who do you get on with the most in the team?

"I like to think I'm a friendly person so I get along with everyone at the club, I've known Dominic Samuel since I came from Millwall so he is one of my closest mates at the club."

Who's got the best banter?

"Best banter... I think it's got to be Gozie, he makes me laugh everyday! (laughs)"

You as a player...

At a young age of 18, what are your future ambitions at the club?

"Well this season my aim is to break into the first team, I've been playing reserve football at a young age so I've developed quite quick, so this season I'm hungry to make it my début season."

What position would you play if you weren't a CM?

"ermmm... Goalkeeper most probably, I like to think I'm decent in goal or maybe even a striker and be that forward that everyone fears. (chuckles)"

If you could play in midfield with anyone in the world, who would it be?

"Either Iniesta or Xavi."

Favourite formation?


What nations are you eligible for?

"Congo and England"

What would you say your playing style is, more attacking or more defensive?

"I was naturally a winger so I love to attack but now I'm learning to do both parts of the game as its an essential part of the midfielder's role!"

A few random questions...

The best English team?

"Man City, best team in England."

The best team in the world?

"Bayern Munich."

The best manager in the world?

"Jose Mourinho is the greatest, I love the guy."

The best player in the world?

"I've got to go with Cristiano Ronaldo! He's got all the attributes to make him the best player in the world."

Thanks again to Fresh Reading for the interview, and you can find them on twitter @Fresh_Reading and you can follow Aaron at @AaronTshibola8