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Reading Player Of The Month - August 2013

Time to officially unveil the Royals' player of the month for August. We've taken the polls from the Player Ratings articles and given the player with the most votes 5 points, second 3 points, and the third one point. Here's how they tally up...

Ben Hoskins

Danny Guthrie 11

Jem Karacan, Royston Drenthe 10

Alex McCarthy 5

Danny Williams, Chris Gunter 3

Adam Le Fondre, Wayne Bridge, Garath McCleary 1

So your Player of the Month for August is Danny Guthrie!

A consistent month for Guthrie, who was voted man of the match in our season opener against Ipswich, with two seconds against Watford and Bolton.

Jem Karacan grabbed two overall MOTM awards, against Blackpool and Watford; whilst Drenthe tied with him after being voted in the top three in four out of our five League matches in August.

And in our fans' poll, it was also Danny Guthrie who took the victory with 63 of the 148 votes cast. Jem Karacan took 2nd with 50 votes, and Alex McCarthy completed the top three with 24 votes.