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View From The Town End - Simon Cox

Sure he's been a Royal in the past but much can change in six years. So to get the latest impression of what Simon Cox can bring to Reading, we got the view of Forest fan Winnits.

Matthew Lewis

Ah, where to begin with the enigma of Simon Cox. I really like him, but he has been a frustrating fella to watch in a Forest shirt. He has shown flashes of brilliance but he's one of those strikers that isn't prolific enough to be an out and out goalgetter, yet doesn't seem to really fit deeper lying either - is that a false nine? I've never really understood what one of those is.

He does have skill, and contrary to what some Forest fans will say he can finish - but seems to be very much a player that performs when confident, and that confidence seems quite easy to bash. The fickle nature of football fans means that's somewhat of an occupational hazard so poor Coxy has found himself a scapegoat for some of the more impatient element of the City Ground faithful of late.

He's not especially pacy and as such seems prone to frequent bouts of being offside. He also grafts, and the way Forest had been playing I think perhaps didn't set him up for success as he often found himself having to come deep to get involved - and as such give up a dangerous position. I'd make allowances for most of our recent strikers' less than impressive goal tallies because frankly the service they have had hasn't been great.

Except Ishmael Miller - he's just a waster..

But I digress, I think with service and patience Cox could be a success this level - it's probably the right for him to move on as with our summer signings he's fallen down the pecking order and could probably use a fresh start away from the judgmental element of our fan base - personally I wish him well.