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December Player of the Month Results: A Pog Hat-Trick

At the end of August who'd have thought that Pavel Pogrebnyak would be voted your Reading FC player of the month three times in a row? Certainly not me! Congratulations to the Pog as we break down the latest round of voting below

Mark Thompson

Thanks to all of you who took the time to vote in this month's poll.

The Pog took 41% of the votes cast to beat out Chris Gunter (28%), Alex McCarthy (17%) and Danny Williams (14%) to the latest award.

December wasn't a great month for the side with just two wins from six games but credit to the big Russian who made the top three of the individual player of the match voting in five of those games.

It's rare to see a striker win an award in a month where he found the net just once but that just shows how much Reading fans have respected his all-round game and how much passion and desire can compensate even for lacklustre results in front of goal.

Otherwise it was nice to see Gunter receive recognition for a good month where he had to play across the back four, while McCarthy' inclusion in the top three is no real surprise.

So can Pog make it four months in a row? Will Danny Guthrie win back the title he won in August and September or is there a new name to be etched on the award? Stay tuned!

Previous winners:

August:  Danny Guthrie

September: Danny Guthrie

October: Pavel Pogrebnyak

November: Pavel Pogrebnyak

December: Pavel Pogrebnuak