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Palace co-chairman and manager speak on Murray future

You may remember back on deadline day that there was a bit of confusion over Glenn Murray's loan move from Crystal Palace. What we did know was that it was a loan move until Janauary but confusion continued over whether this was a short or a longer-term signing. Well Crystal Palace Co-Chairman has shared his thoughts on the future of the forward.

Martin Willetts

Parish shared his thoughts to the media, including the London Evening Standard on a variety of Palace related issues, including the status of Murray.....

"There is certain things in there that I would not want to comment on. It is all up in the air, but he has definitely not signed for Reading."

So it seems as if there certainly remains the possibility that Murray COULD end up back at Selhurst Park but right now it wouldn't seem likely for a number of reasons.

Firstly, Palace were prepared to let him go in the first place, bringing in former Royal Kevin Doyle on the same afternoon that Murray left the club and their form since hasn't suggested they need the striker back.

Also it was widely reported that Reading were in talks over a permanent move and that it was financial/injury concerns that stopped this being a permanent deal.

Most importantly, Murray himself seemed to suggest his time at Palace was over, tweeting on the day he signed.

That doesn't sound like a tweet from a man who sees himself returning to Palace....

After missing most of 2013/14 due to injury it's understandable that Reading would have cold feet about signing a 31 year-old to a long-term deal but Murray's decent form and lack of injury concerns since arriving in Berkshire will have gone a long way to paving the way for a permanent move.

Throw in the fact that Reading have now been officially taken over and I think it's safe to assume we'll be seeing Murray at the club beyond the new year unless a dramatic set of circumstances occur at either Reading or Palace.


Regardless, we'll keep you right up to date here on The Tilehurst End.