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Warnock gives update on Murray move to Reading FC

Yesterday we brought you quotes from Crystal Palace Co-Chairman Steve Parish that seemed to suggest Glenn Murray's deal to Reading wasn't a dead cert. Today Palace manager Neil Warnock has had his say on a potential recall for the forward.

Mike Hewitt

Speaking in today's news conference Warnock is reported to have downplayed any chance of Murray returning to Selhurst Park.

Quoted in the News Shopper, Warnock confirmed that there is indeed a recall clause in the loan deal but went on to explain why he didn't think they'd be exercising it.

"Glenn wanted to play week in, week out and I could see his point of view.

He came and saw me and pleaded with me really to give him a chance.

I knew I would get a bit of stick for doing it but I felt he deserved it after what he had done for the club.

One of the main reasons the club got promoted was because of his goals, so I just felt obliged to let him have some games when he wasn't going to get a regular game with me."

This pretty much goes along with what we theorised in our piece yesterday and while it does show that the deal isn't fully completed and signed, it doesn't suggest a future at Palace is likely.