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TOTW: Great banter and FIFA oddity

Hoops is back, back again. Hoops is back, with some tweets.

Michael Regan

Welcome back to Tweets of the Week. I can tell you're absolutely buzzing about this. Here are a selection of the best tweets from the past week (plus a day). Enjoy.

Fedders is a Socceroo again.

Injured winger Garath McCleary chips in on the #FIFARoyals action by being generous.


Glen Little takes a peek back at some recent history and isn't pleased with what he sees. Neither were we, Glen, neither were we.

Adkins gets some furry love in a lift.

YOU DAMN FOOL, #BerkshireNeymar, YOU DAMN FOOL. (JK, we love you really.)

Academy defender celebrates his first Reading goal with a very original Instagram post. Someone likes the collage app.

The Tilehurst End Assistant Editor Jonny had something happen to him on the new FIFA. It was odd, to say the least.

Think that 'great banter' vine applies here, too.

Academy youngsters be loving/loathing FIFA 15. Seems the Estonian kid needs some practice.

See, folks, what did I tell you? #BerkshireNEYMAR.

Reading Women will need to start looking for a new boss.

THE SPORT BIBLE feature Aaron Kuhl. He's made the big leagues.