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The Tilehurst End Round-up: 13-19 October

We've put up plenty of stuff over the past week while Internationals have been finishing and 'proper' football getting back into the swing of things. Have you missed something?

Paul Gilham

6 Reasons Why Reading Will Be a Premier League Club by 2018

We start off with Talk Reading's piece about why the Royals will be back in the big-time in four years' time. Reckon it's possible? He certainly does.

The Tilehurst End October Round Table - Part 1: Transfers, Poor Starts & More

Us Tilehurst End editors got together for a natter about Reading things. It's pretty interesting.

The Tilehurst End October Round Table - Part 2: Captaincy, Expectations & Finishes

Same as above: but covering different issues.

Palace co-chairman speaks on Murray future

What exactly IS the situation with on-loan striker Glenn Murray? Palace co-chairman tries to clear things up.

The Price of Football

You've got to love something written by our stats desk. Got to. That's an order.

October Internationals Report

Mayonnaise brings us the Internationals report.

Loan Report: FA Cup Magic for young Keeper

Keep up to date with the Royals' loanees.

Warnock gives update on Murray move to Reading FC

Still not clear on the Murray situation? Warnock has his say, too.

Reading v Derby County: Full Coverage

We hate to end on a sour note, but sometimes it just has to be done. Relive the Derby game with all of our coverage.