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Pogrebnyak happy to see out his Reading FC contract

In an interview given earlier this month, Reading's big Russian striker confirmed what we all knew: his big wages mean he sees no reason to leave the Madejski Stadium.

Ben Hoskins

Pavel Pogrebnyak has confirmed in an interview with the Russian press that he is happy to see out the remainder of his well paid Reading contract, which ends in 2016.

The 30 year old striker told journalists that he has no reason to look for a move, but if he does leave England, then he will return home to Russia.

"Before accepting a particular proposal, you need to think first of all about your family. Moving to another country is a difficult process. In addition, there are important financial considerations. I have, shall we say, not low wages, and not all clubs are willing to pay that kind of money."

With this in mind, the former Fulham man added that, "whilst I have no reason to move club, I will stay at Reading, and I hope we return to the Premier League. In short, I'm not ready to leave England. I like English football. If I decide to leave England, then there is only one option: back to Russia!"


This interview was published by on 17th October 2014 and has been translated with the help of Google.