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TOTW: Open day, Brendanism, and pumpkin carving

Hoops is back with the best tweets from the past week. Lush.

Ben Hoskins

We'll kick off this week with former Royal Shane Long being all respectful and stuff.

The Reading Instagram thought a snap of Glenn Murray signing an autograph would be nice...

Much-loved (snigger) BBC Berkshire commentator Tim Dellor finally opens up.

Kammy turns up at the Mad Stad looking quite... Well... Mad.

Reading partners (we think? Maybe? Who knows...) are in administration.

Open day. SHRIEK!

So, we all remember that ghost goal, right? The ref is back. (I'm surprised RefWatch writer JSK hasn't exploded.)

Rio's brother is getting back to fitness.

More of a Brendanism than anything Rodgers has ever said.

The Tilehurst End Podcaster became a Royal thirty years ago. Sheesh.

And, in the spirit of halloween, we'll end with young goalie Stuart Moore's pumpkin carvery skillz (with a Z).

Pro pumpkin carver!

A photo posted by @stumoore94 on