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The Tilehurst End Round-Up: 29 Sep-5 Oct

Feel that nagging feeling that you've missed something? Feel nagged no more.

Ben Hoskins

Reading v Wolves: A Statistical Analysis

We started the week with a statistical view of the Wolves game. #insight

Hope And Expectation

Deputy Editor Jonny opened the week with a look at Hope Akpan. Nifty title. D'ya get it?

Leeds v Reading: Full Coverage

We have so much going on here at The Tilehurst End you're bound to have missed something from our coverage of the Leeds game. The link above will save you from ignorance.

The Tilehurst End Podcast - Episode 36: Richard Blackwood on the left wing?


Reading Player Of The Month - September 2014

Who was your player of the month for September? Click the link above. #tedious

Reading FC Ups & Downs: September

The wonderful Jenna brought us her player rankings for the month of September. YOU WILL NEVER GUESS WHO WENT UP!

TOTW: Great banter and FIFA oddity

That Hoops fella did what he does and threw a bunch of tweets into a list. He calls it 'entertaining', or something.

Drenthe cameo as Moore starts in FA Cup win

Formerly flames, now just punny, George brings us another edition of the loan report.

Royals News Bites - 3rd October

Feeling peckish? Chow down on Jenna's News Bites. They're bitesize, and nothing to do with GCSEs.

TTE Podcast Extra with The Reading Post - October 3

Eargasm pt. II.

Brentford v Reading: Full Coverage

Personally, I'd like to forget about this game—but the powers that be decided we should link it here anyway. Fine. Whatever.