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Result: Should Adkins stay or go?

Reading fans flocked to this website to vote on whether Nigel Adkins should stay or go, here we dissect the results.

Paul Gilham

Following the Charlton defeat on Saturday, we posed the question: should Nigel Adkins stay or go?

After four days of voting, and 633 votes cast, Reading FC fans feel Nigel Adkins should stay.

Progression of votes

It didn't always look that way, however. When the poll was first opened, the majority of votes went on the option for Adkins to go, with fans clearly distressed at the abysmal performance against Charlton.

Things soon evened out though, as over the course of Sunday and Monday, things were tied 50/50.

In fact, as late as Tuesday afternoon the voting was tied 235 each.

However, a late surge in the voting saw Adkins claim a late stay vote.

The result

At the time of closing on Tuesday evening, the poll closed with 54% voting he should stay, with 341 of the 633 votes. Phew, that was a close one.


If you want to hear our podcast team go hammer and tongs over the Adkins debate, you can listen to (or download) the latest episode below.

Download this episode (right click and save)


So, what do you think? How did you vote? Leave your responses to the results in the comments section.