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The Tilehurst End: Help Wanted

We're always looking to grow and expand this very portal and to do so we're on the lookout for a few volunteers who fancy chipping in to some regular features. So if you've ever fancied helping us out and expanding your own writing experience, here's your chance to do so.

Listed below are a few vacancies we have going for regular features. These will require a regular commitment so if you're concerned about your amount of free time then perhaps they're not for you.

You don't have to be overly tech savy to get involved either, so don't let that put you off!

If none of the below do interest you, anyone is welcome to submit a general opinion piece in to us, simply use the fanpost feature on the right-hand side of the screen or send us an email to

Ref Watch

JSK made this feature his own over the past couple of years but has sadly had to give up the post. That means that there's a chance for someone else to put their own stamp on the feature. It's a great starting point for someone looking to get more involved with the website, requiring just a few paragraphs each week on the man who'll be taking charge of each Reading game.

Media Reviewer

While we like to think we provide a pretty good match report on every Reading game, it's always interesting to read what others across print, online and even TV are saying about the Royals. So if you're a fan of scanning through the Sunday papers or browsing the web to read what others are saying about the football club, this job could be right up your street.

The role will require you to write a brief summary of what different sources are saying after each game, so a maximum of two articles a week.

Match Thread Coordinator

Hopefully you've seen a few of our match threads this season where we offer a place for readers to come together and discuss the match, as well as provide updates, team news and instant reaction. This position is ideal if you're someone that struggles to get to many matches but follows along closely at home, or perhaps even if you're a Reading fan abroad.

Bookie Watch

Enjoy keeping an eye on odds and figures? This one could be for you. The post would require someone who's happy to write a monthly column on how the bookmakers are viewing Reading and the Championship plus perhaps another odd piece here and there if something interesting happens like a manager is sacked etc.


So if any of the above interest you or you've got a fresh new idea you'd like to pitch to us please get in touch with us over email at and if you've got any questions feel free to tweet us @thetilehurstend