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Blackburn Rovers 3-1 Reading FC: Player Ratings

You've read Euan Cunningham's match report, now see how he rated the players on the day at Ewood Park.

Jan Kruger

Adam Federici: 6

Not at fault for any of the goals; Gestede’s header was simply too well-directed and powerful, the crucial free-kick was unsaveable for most keepers, and the third goal was simply a close range smash-in. He was comfortable with pretty much everything else, making several good saves in the first half before the stand-out stop from Rhodes in the second. His distribution was again at a reasonably high standard as well.

Jordan Obita: 6

Battled gamely and never gave in, and generally remained solid at the back-no one does Obita for pace. Also provided several excellent crosses, one of which provided Murray with his tap-in. However, his failure to stop crosses is fast becoming alarming (on another day it would have been him and not Gunter who was punished for this), and Adkins may well feel he should have been covering the centre-backs when Gestede got Blackburn’s third.

Alex Pearce: 5

Up against two of the league’s best strikers, Pearce was nowhere near as shambolic against Bournemouth, and actually marshalled the defence fairly well late on in the first half and again late on in the second to prevent further agony for the Royals. However, at crucial moments he was again at fault; Gestede was left unmarked for the first goal and Rhodes was also unattended when he headed against the post before Blackburns third.

Jake Cooper: 5

Hard to give him a different mark from Pearce-several excellent pieces of defending against the burly Gestede and the nimble Rhodes were outdone by his culpability for the first and third goals. Will learn from this and improve, he has definite potential but this was maybe too stern an examination for him.

Chris Gunter: 5

He was at fault for two of the goals and again seems unable to stop crosses, but the mark also represents his willingness to get up and down the right flank all day. Must improve though, at the moment he’s lucky that Cummings isn’t fit.

Jake Taylor: 5

Harsh maybe, and possibly a victim of Adkins deciding to play him from wide left for long stretches of the game-he’s not a winger and failed to pose the full back the necessary questions. Having said that, never gave up and did produce several neat moments in the first half.

Hope Akpan: 6

Worked tirelessly, tracked back to help his defence and wasn’t bypassed too many times. Him and Norwood are a decent partnership. Was never going to produce much going forward, and didn’.

Oliver Norwood: 7

In my opinion, one of Readings best players today. Others might disagree, but controlling the midfield and setting the tempo of the game against this Blackburn side isn’t easy and he managed it for long stretches. Was instrumental in some of Readings best play.

Nick Blackman: 6

Harsh again but in terms of creating chances and generally impacting proceedings he was virtually non-existent in the second half. His first half performance (full of excellent runs) was however a positive and showed what he can do.

Hal Robson-Kanu: 5

For a player of his ability, HRK was again mediocre for an hour today. In terms of what he has been known to produce (goals, shots, crosses etc), he did very little today. Neat and tidy, but very little end product.

Glenn Murray: 6

A very similar performance to that against Blackpool. Scored after getting into a good position, and since that’s what he’s there for, he should be congratulated for that. Did as best he could in terms of hold-up play and linking the game. Needed more support at times.


Jamie Mackie: 4

Came on... Ran about a lot, but like most of his performances stand-out moments are really hard to recollect. Ran his heart out for 30 minutes which is to be commended, but in terms of changing the game he was poor.

Simon Cox: 6

Playing in the role HRK had been in, his performance was a definite improvement. Got forward more often, linked between Murray and the midfield and got into good positions.

Danny Williams: 5

On for 15 minutes, this mark really doesn’t matter at all in the long run. Excellent to see him on the pitch again, a big player for Reading who was desperately needed. There were some neat touches and passes, and will definitely improve with game time.

So that's how Euan saw the game but how about you? Do you agree or disagree with his ratings? And don't forget to vote for your Man Of The Match below.