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View From The Town End: Cardiff City

Reading return to South Wales for their first meeting with Cardiff in three seasons looking to bust an away slump that's seen them winless since September. To give us the Cardiff view on whether that's a likely prospect is Bluebirds fan Simon Richards.

Stu Forster/Getty Images

How would you sum up Cardiff's season so far?

You know when you watch a standard Hollywood blockbuster starring Van Diesel or another lump you know from minute 1 how it'll end. As soon as the main character somehow dodges 49 bullets at close range or drives his car through the a minuscule gap between two trains unhurt you're comfortable in the knowledge that the good guy will win, while also getting the girl and blowing up half of downtown New York.

Watching Cardiff this season is a bit like watching the latest blockbuster, only with fewer boobs and more explosions.

it's been clear from the off that this season would be a cacophony of embarrassment and excrement with little in the way of entertainment. From game 1 I thought we were destined to have a serious brush with relegation and I haven't seen much that makes me think any different.

Signings have been largely disappointing (Le Fondre has a worse scoring record that me and I'm a defender, with a dodgy knee, and the worst right foot since the elephant man) and our one good signing will be off to the African Nations Cup for most of 2015

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has been replaced by Russell Slade, now that the dust has settled are fans happy with the managerial change?

Every right thinking CCFC fan could see that OGS was seriously out of his depth. he's a good bloke but really needs to take in some time under an experienced manager before he takes a decent sized job again.
So you're left with the reality that not many would have wanted to work at a club that was crippled by the power struggle between the megalomanic owner and fans.  I like Slade - he is (sorry for use of a TalkSport cliche laced label here) an 'Old School Manager'. I doubt he even knows how to text which must be a relief to everyone connected to the club.

Adam Le Fondre and Sean Morrison both made the move down the M4 this summer, how have Cardiff fans rated the former Reading pair?

I'm currently having my kitchen done and I'm sure the builder is pulling a fast one. He seems to magic money out of every situation 'Ohh you want lights and electricity in here? well that's gonna cost you', 'You want a ceiling? Blimey that'll be a few more quid'. I wonder whether Reading have my builder on their management board, how else did they somehow manage to squeeze close to £7 Million out of Cardiff for that pair?

Morrison has at least improved from the start to his Cardiff career while Le Fondre is a likeable fella but they both need to step up in the second part of the season to get the fans on side.

Any fond memories of games between the two sides?

Reading is one of my favourite games - it's the closest I tend to get to Waitrose all year.

You smashed us in the play-offs at the end of the Dave Jones era and I remember one game under flood lights at the old Ninian Park which produced some of the best attacking football I can remember (we lost and McAnuff was the star man). No matter how terribly I may have felt after those defeats (especially the play off one) at least we lost in blue then.

Who should Reading be wary of on Friday?

David Marshall is by far our key man and should be on a high despite the defeat to England on Tuesday. Slade seems intent on leaving out of most potent, attack minded players of Morrison (Ravel) and Daehli preferring to go for a more workmanlike formation. Whittingham is in decent goalscoring form. In truth though the footballing gods may dictate that Le Fondre is the match winner.

Anyone that Cardiff fans aren't looking forward to facing?

I think we might be a little more worried about our lot messing up that your boys turning it on. It'll be nice to welcome three of the heroic Welsh squad home after their gutsy performance against Belgium. As a Welsh fan I've been impressed with Hal so far this year - big, strong and fairly fast, not sure if he's setting the world alight at the Madjeski though.

Score prediction?

2-2 - an even game with Le Fondre scoring off his arse (both cheeks)

Finally any tips for fans making the trip down to the Cardiff City Stadium on Friday?

Expect a higher level of traffic due to the New Zealand game on the Saturday - Newport is a nightmare on the M4 (the only 2 reasons that anyone knows of the existence of Newport are GLC and its daily mention on traffic and travel bulletins) so get through there early. Enjoy the nightlife if you're staying down but beware the chaos the next day as the oval ball game takes centre stage. Do try to take part in the Blue Scarf waving protest on 19:27 during the game - 'every little helps' (insert Waitrose motto here if prefer)

Thanks again to Simon and we'll catch up with him again just before the return fixture.